Video Reviews for the Original Ergohuman and the Ergo Elite

Video Reviews for the Original Ergohuman and the Ergo Elite

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 17th 2012

Raynor has updated its line of Ergohuman Chairs with the Ergo Elite Chair. Watch the video above to see the Ergo Elite in action.

The Ergo Elite features a mesh back, mesh seat, and a headrest. The features of the chair include a 5-position tilt lock, a refined seat design, a 300 pound capacity, and four-way adjustable arms. Because of these significant improvements, we expect the Ergo Elite to be the new industry leader for ergonomic chairs.

Ergohuman V1 (Original) vs. Ergo Elite Video Review:With the advent of the Raynor Ergo Elite line of chairs, the most frequently asked question we encounter is, "What is the difference between the V1 and the Elite?" Stream this video to see both chairs compared side-by-side.

Ergohuman V1 Video Review:
All features of the Raynor Ergohuman chair are demonstrated by a Certified Professional Ergonomist. A proper ergonomic office setup is the focus. Watching this video will allow you to setup and use your ergonomic workstation regardless of what chair you use.

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