What's Trending: Standing Desk Dance Party?!

What's Trending: Standing Desk Dance Party?!

Posted by Human Solution on Jun 20th 2013

There's a new dance craze sweeping the nation!

All The Single Ladies are doing it. It's a real Thriller and it's gaining steam so you need to Hustle and Jump On It while you can. Waiting until Saturday Night might be too late! But hey there Dougie and Cotton-Eyed-Joe don't worry, just Lean Back and relax, your popularity is not in Limbo. There's still time, but you won't catch this trend at a dance club, a honky-tonk, a rave or your local YMCA. The masses everywhere are having a Standing Desk Dance Party.

Oh, you haven't heard? Well, just check out what is being said out in the Twittersphere...

What may be even more interesting, and as you can see from all of the tweets, is that all of these positive tweets about standing desks were made in just the last week alone. Actually, these aren't the only tweets within the last week about dancing at a standing desk, but I could only include the best. Now that is a lot of chatter in a very short amount of time! So what is behind this phenomenon and what do all of these complete strangers have in common that possesses them to dance at their desk in the office? They are all young professionals, working for companies that are bucking the trend and are becoming ergonomically conscious.

Sure, a standing desk can allow for spontaneous dance parties, but you don't have to read too far behind the lines to find the overall message in these tweets: They are being active at work.

In an office setting, it is especially important to try to be as active as possible, as opposed to simply sitting in your office chair (no matter how ergonomically awesome it is) all day long. At Human Solution we promote movement, even if that movement is holding your own personal standing desk dance party.

What else do you do at your standing desk? Yoga, shadow box, impromptu jam session, trashcan basketball ... the possibilities are endless. Let us know in the comments!

Get down with your bad self! TheHumanSolution.com has your standing desk dance party supplies - err, ergonomic accessories - covered.

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