You May Like a Mayline (Varitask LT)

You May Like a Mayline (Varitask LT)

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 22nd 2010

One thing you have no doubt noticed if you are looking at electric height adjustable desks is that they can get pricey. Depending on the size and shape of the desk, many end up costing over $2000. If this is your first entry into the world of ergonomic office desks or if you are under budget constraints, you may wish to start with a good basic adjustable height desk.

The Mayline Varitask LT is one such option. The Varitask LT is a pedestal desk, meaning it rests on a single column near the center of the desk, rather than multiple legs at the edges or corners. This has advantages and drawbacks. For small desk surfaces, this configuration is all you need to support relatively heavy loads while switching between sitting and standing. It is also more economical than other types of height adjustable desks. On the drawback side, it is a bit difficult to mount a keyboard tray due to the limited depth of the desk. Humanscale makes keyboard trays that will work in this situation and we have some other brands that will work as well. Feel free to call or chat with us for advice. The other drawback is that it does not work for those who need larger desk surfaces.

Still, for those who have a small workspace or a limited budget, this can be a great way to enter into the world of electric height adjustable desks. Switching between sitting and standing during the workday is helpful to avoid the discomfort that even a great ergonomic chair can cause if you sit in it too long. The Mayline Varitask LT may be just what you need to take that first step into adjustable height desks.

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