BodyBilt 3507 Back Style - High Back Executive Chair with Headrest

Black, non-upholstered arm pads are 4" wide
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You'll get the support you've been needing when you upgrade your work seating with the BodyBilt 3507 High Back Executive Chair with Headrest.

Personalize this seat to your exact preferences; with a wide array of customizable options like seat contouring, your choice of arm style, and even leather or fabric upholstery on the back and seat, your chair can be as unique as you are.

For users with back pain or issues, the BodyBilt 3507 Chair can be specifically tailored to address your needs to reduce or eliminate stress or strain on those problem areas. Enjoy better workplace ergonomics with the introduction of the BodyBilt High Back Executive Chair to your office and feel the difference more ergo-friendly seating can do for you.

Put an end to fatigue at work and increase your productivity with a single seat.


  • Backrest angle is adjustable
  • Backrest height adjustment of 4"
  • 360° adjustable arm pads and height-adjustable arms
  • Black, non-upholstered arm pads are 4" wide
  • Fully adjustable seat height
  • Comes with seat tilt tension control


Back dimensions 22" H x 21 1/2" W
Backrest adjustment 4" H, 15° range
Seat height adjustment 5" H
Optional headrest or neckroll 4" height adjustment
Weight limit 300 lbs.
Warranty Limited lifetime


The mechanism determines how your chair adjusts and how it moves; Bodybilt offers three mechanisms to choose from.

J Mechanism

The J mechanism is the most popular as it maximizes the adjustability of the chair and pivots from the center of your seat. Both seat and back angles are infinitely adjustable throughout their range of motion. When tilt-lock is unlocked, this chair moves comfortably with your body. Additionally, the J mechanism can be used with a seat slider or back depth adjuster to allow for correct seat depth adjustment.

E Mechanism

The E mechanism is perfect for users who want the maximum recline and who enjoy rocking in their chair. The E mechanism offers seat depth adjustment (like the J mech) to accommodate users of different heights, and it pivots from below the knee, hence the greater rocking motion than other mechanisms. When tilt-lock is unlocked, this chair moves comfortably with your body.

R mechanism

The R mechanism is the synchro-tilt mechanism, which means that the chair and seat tilt in a pre-determined ratio - and it includes an anti-kickback lockout. It features 5 preset points of tilt for the back/seat ratio (2.3° back tilt to every 1'' of seat tilt). The back angle can also be adjusted separately from the seat angle. When tilt-lock is unlocked, this chair moves comfortably with your body. The R mechanism comes standard with a seat slider.


Lumbar Support

Proper lower back support is crucial to a healthy seated posture. Bodybilt chairs are available with standard lumbar support, air lumbar support or S'port foam lumbar support.

Air Lumbar

Proper lower back support is crucial to a healthy seated posture. With the backrest height set to fit the curvature of your lower back (lumbar region) the Air Lumbar can be inflated to adjust the firmness of the backrest by pumping air into the lumbar area. The air lumbar is a popular feature since users can adjust the amount of lumbar support they prefer quickly and easily. To inflate the backrest, simply press the black rubber bulb with your thumb or fingers until the lumbar area is noticeably firmer. To let the air out, press the black button until deflates to the proper size.

BodyBilt Air Lumbar

S'port Foam Lumbar

Crafted of comfortable S'port memory foam, the S'port lumbar is non-adjustable but perfect for those that prefer that softer, contoured feel. Adjust your seat back height for proper placement.


Back Cushion

Standard Back Cushion

Standard back cushion padding on all BodyBilt chairs consists of durable and comfortable, multi-density foam, unlike less expensive chairs that use single-density foam cushions.

S'port Foam Back

Users who prefer extra softness or who need added reduction of pressure on their back will prefer S'port foam on their chair back. S'port Foam is BodyBilt's added layer of memory foam in the backrest. As with all foam layers in BodyBilt seats and back, the added S'port foam is strategically positioned for maximum effect in softness, pressure reduction and anatomical fit.

S'port Ridge

The S'port Ridge is a vertical foam ridge that offers amazing added support to the middle (thoracic region) and upper back. Your eyes may not see it, but your body will definitely feel it!

The S'port Ridge was conceived and developed by BodyBilt in conjunction with Occupational Therapists in an effort to address this vital area for seated users. The S'port Ridge is a raised, vertical, foam cushion placed along the thoracic ridge and lumbar support areas of the back (essentially a raised ridge that runs down the center of the back behind the spine).

This thoracic support encourages a person to sit with their shoulders rolled back while seated, as this is the way the body was designed. This healthy posture enables the scalene muscles to relax, which relieves the pressure on the brachial plexus nerves. It also alleviates the increased tension in the muscles of the upper back, and improves breathing by raising the chest cavity.

The S'port Ridge delineates the proper curvature of our spinal cord, therefore supporting it in a natural, healthy posture during the seated portion of a workday. This relaxed posture alleviates back aches, neck aches, tiredness and fatigue, and improves circulation and digestion.

Note: The back cushion comes with the S'port foam upgrade when you pick this option.



Bodybilt chairs are available with three different seat options, each offering different levels of contoured support.

BodyBilt Seats

#7 Seat - Moderately contoured

The #7 seat is the most popular of all the BodyBilt seat options. Moderate contouring helps minimize pressure points and better supports your body by spreading out your seated weight, reducing the possibility of back pain. Adding an optional back depth adjuster will allow the depth of this seat to fit most bodies.

#8 Petite Seat - Minimally contoured

This seat is for petite users that prefer less contouring to their seat. This seat does not contain a center rise, but the contours along the sides and bottom of the seat shell further prevent users from bottoming out.

Note: The addition of S'port foam is not available on this seat.

#2 Seat - Highly contoured

Bodybilt's original seat pan is designed to offer the highest level of support in a forward tilt position, and the pommel (bump in middle) reminds you to sit back in your chair. Contours reduce pressure points which can cause numbness and/or back pain. Most users avoid this type of tractor seat unless they need serious support that encourages a static posture; the pommel does not allow for users to move around in their chair, cross their legs, etc.

#9 Seat - Moderately Contoured

The #9 seat is a "stretched" seat pan meant for users over 6' tall. It is 22% larger than BodyBilt's standard seat pan to fully support the longer legs of taller individuals. The seat foam is contoured along the sides and bottom of the seat to prevent users from bottoming out.


Seat Padding

Standard Seat Padding

Standard seat padding is constructed of multiple layers multi-density foam, which provides softness where you want it and firmness for superior support. Less expensive chairs use a single density foam.

BodyBilt Seat Padding

S'port Foam Seat Option

S'port Foam is BodyBilt's added layer of memory foam in the seat cushion. As with all foam layers in our seats and back, the added S'port foam is strategically positioned for maximum effect in softness, pressure reduction and anatomical fit.



Bodybilt Chairs feature a selection of adjustable arms to accommodate various postures and workstation needs.

BodyBilt Long S'port Pivot Arms


BodyBilt's 4-arms offer 4 independent adjustments: Height (4.5''), width (3”), angle (360° rotation) and articulation (7° fore and 7° aft). You also have the option to have your armrests upholstered to match your chair- we recommend this option for leather or Brisa upholstered chairs only as fabric tends to wear too quickly on office chairs.

4-Arms Pivot

The standard arm pad is also available with the Pivot mechanism. The Versitask pad adjusts 3-ways (width, height and angle) as the standard non-upholstered pad and adds a horizontal 2" of radial adjustment to bring pads closer to the torso. This arm is a great choice for someone bottom heavy that wants to be able to bring their arms inward, closer to the body or who wants forearm support while hands are closer to mid-body. You also have the option to have your armrests upholstered to match your chair- we recommend this option for leather or Brisa upholstered chairs only as fabric tends to wear too quickly on office chairs.

Long S'port Pivot Arms

The S'port arm pad is longer (12") and wider than the standard pad. It makes a great full-forearm support for keyboard tasks. The S'port pad adjusts 3-ways as the Versitask support provides, and adds a horizontal 2" radius axis of adjustment to bring pads closer to the torso. Upholstered in black, washable synthetic leather fabric.


Chair Height

The cylinder you select will determine the chair height: how high or low you can position yourself in front of your work area or desk. Most chairs come with a standard cylinder, and these work well for most people. When your chair is adjusted to a proper height, your feet should rest flat on the ground. However proximity to a work surface takes precedence over height from floor. If your work surface is higher, you may need a taller cylinder paired with a foot rest for proper positioning.

Standard Cylinder - recommended for users 5'2'' to 6'2''

Standard on most models, this cylinder has a seat height range of 17.0'' to 20.5''.

Short Cylinder - recommended for users under 5'2''

The short cylinder is literally half the size of the standard - the seat height adjustment range is 16.1'' to 19.0''. This is a good option for petite users, or if you know that your work or typing surface is lower than normal. If your keyboard sits below 27'' from the floor, you may be better off with a short cylinder.

Tall Cylinder - recommended for users 6'2'' or taller

This cylinder works well for those who are 6'2" or taller or for those seeking a high chair for a higher work surface or a sit-stand workstation. Height adjustment range is 17'' - 22.5''.



26'' Standard Base

The 26'' core-diameter, plastic base comes standard on Bodybilt chairs.

26'' Chrome Base

Opt for a chrome base to complement the styling of your Bodybilt chair.



Carpet Casters

Carpet casters come standard on Bodybilt chairs and also work on hard floors.

Hard Floor Casters

Soft casters for hard floors are optional at no added cost. They offer a tighter rolling tension to eliminate chairs rolling away on a hard surface.


These are a stationary alternative to rolling casters.



Bodybilt chairs are available in a wide range of fabric and leather styles and colors to match any decor. Click any swatch to see larger versions, or more colors if available. If you'd like to order your chair in a color that's not shown in the dropdown menu, you can leave the color and style in the order comments, or call us at 1-800-531-3746 to place your order over the phone.

Hue - Grade 1

Hue is a slightly knobby weave, constructed of 100% recycled polyester with a Teflon coating for stain resistance. This fabric is exceptionally durable with a 1,000,000 double rub rating - making this another excellent choice for a 24/7 multi-shift office or heavy use environment. Hue also meets CAL117-E flammability standards.

Quick ship colors with one week lead time:

  • Black
  • Indigo
  • Frothe
  • Juniper
  • Char
  • Cocoa

Liberty - Grade 1

Liberty is a high-performance, weaved fabric that is rated in excess of 200,000 double rubs. This fabric is included in the QuickShip program and will ship within one week. It meets CA fire retardancy standards

Staccato - Grade 1

This is the most durable fabric offered by BodyBilt and perfect for high use situations such as call centers or other 24/7, multi-shift applications. Wear rating is in excess of 1 million double rubs, and Staccato is made of 100% cordura nylon. It meets CA fire retardancy requirements.

Comfortek - Grade 3

We highly recommend Comfortek as the most comfortable fabric Bodybilt offers because it is a knit with 3 way stretch, so your cushions are less restricted and feel softer than cushions upholstered in a woven fabric. The knit also allows for air flow, creating a cooler chair in hot weather. Comfortek is extremely durable with a rating to 295,000 rubs (scale for resistance to wear and tear), and it is 100% polyester. It also meets CA fire retardancy requirements.

Quick ship colors with one week lead time:

  • Carbon
  • Midnight
  • Steel
  • Wine
  • Sage

Finesse - Grade 3

Finesse fabric utilizes a specially-designed, CAL117-E fire retardant nylon fiber called Nytek to create a stain-resistant finish that's easily cleaned with mild soap and water, and has an abrasion resistance rating of 100,000 double rubs. Colorfast to light, Finesse offers long-lasting durability and beauty.

Brisa - Grade 4

Brisa is very high quality synthetic leather; it is not vinyl. Brisa offers an excellent alternative for customers who want the look and feel of a leather chair at a fraction of the cost, plus it's easier to clean and longer lasting. This material is stain resistant and antimicrobial, wipes clean, has an extraordinarily soft hand, and will outlast leather. Brisa is also more breathable than leather, making it much cooler to sit on for long periods of time. Durability is rated at 200,000+ double rubs, and it meets CAL117 flame retardancy requirements.

Elmosoft Leather

BodyBilt's leather options feature genuine Scandinavian hides provided by Elmo Leather. Elmosoft leather is recyclable and biodegradable, chrome-free and environmentally green. This is a full grain, semi-aniline leather with a light protective finish to protect against spills. This leather has a very luxurious, soft feel, and it is never corrected, buffed or altered in any way.



Standard Stitching

Fabric is stretched and secured to your cushions, providing a smooth and professional appearance and allowing for maximum softness of your cushions.

Loose Double Stitching

Loose stitching is only available on leather or Brisa upholstery and is recommended because of the added softness it provides. Since the fabric covering is loose rather than sewn on tightly, it doesn't restrict the foam cushions and provides a higher level of comfort.

Please Note: Loose double stitching is not available on seats or backs with extra softness like the S'port foam, as it will compromise the softness of your cushion.

Diamond Tufting

The diamond tufting gives your ergonomic chair that classic office chair look, and is available only on Bodybilt Management and Executive seating.

Please Note: Diamond tufting is not available on seats or backs with extra softness like the S'port foam, as it will compromise the softness of your cushion.


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  • 4
    Expect this to hold up better over time

    Posted by Ed K on Jul 22nd 2020

    I love this chair and it is extremely comfortable - I use it everyday - I have the saddle seat, head rest, and padded arm rest.

    I just sit in this chair - I don't abuse it and am an engineer - its about 10 years old now. The arm rests are wearing, the inflatable lumbar support rubber deteriorated over time and fell off - can't fix. In removing the back cover it won't go back on so the back exposes the insides of the chair.

    It's out of warranty and replacement parts are extremely expensive so really not worth fixed.

    The cloth seat and back material has held up fine - I remember reviewing that to ensure it would last many years.

    To put in perspective my mother died in 1997 and the reclining chair she had for 15 plus years is in still in my family room and works just fine and chair material is still in decent shape.

  • 5

    Posted by Keith Burns on Apr 15th 2019

    Fantastic, hands down best chair I've ever had. 6'4", 250#, software developer. If there's a problem with a chair, I will find it. What sets this apart is the range of MEANINGFUL configuration options... I don't really care if you offer 20 shades of burgundy in your fabric, can I make your chair fit the weird quirkiness of my body? This is the first one I can say that about after owning 2 different "$2000" chairs (thats what this potentially will run after you configure it properly) and they aren't even close to this in terms of comfort. I honestly shed a tear first time I sat in it.

  • 5
    BodyBuilt 3507 Two Thumbs Up!!

    Posted by RJO on Mar 9th 2013

    THE BEST chair I've ever owned! I'm a business owner and struggled for years with a back injury (herniated discs). I found it very difficult to remain seated for tasks that required a full-days' attention at a desk.

    This chair solved my problem!

    Although pricey; IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!

    Have used it now for six years. Only issue has been a broken headrest mechanism. Since I never needed to adjust it, I haven't bothered to repair it. It is warranted for ten years so time to make the call.

This product comes standard with a Limited 15-year warranty.

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