Compare UPLIFT - Standing Desk Comparison

UPLIFT Desk vs. The Others

  UPLIFT Sit-Stand Desk Other Sit-Stand Desks Traditional Seated Desk
Complete desks start at $495 and SHIP FREE Yes Watch for hidden shipping costs in checkout Probably not
Complete desks that ship next day Yes Never - Usually take much longer, even if they say they ship quickly Probably not
Designed, engineered and manufactured to meet/exceed all applicable ANSI/BIFMA (American National Standards for Office Furnishings) safety/performance requirements Yes No No
Designed by a Certified Professional Ergonomist Yes No No
Manufacturer has specialized in sit-stand desks for over 14 years Yes No No
Expert staff that uses the desk every day, readily available by phone, email or live chat Yes Usually No Highly unlikely
Recommended by the LA Times, Lifehacker and Forbes Yes No No
Comprehensive 7-year warranty covers all parts of the desk frame Yes Usually No What's a warranty?
C-shaped aluminum frame available for improved stability and increased under-desk accessory clearance, with modern cast aluminum feet instead of bent steel feet Yes No No
Four-leg desk available for even more stability and lifting capacity than the already extremely stable two-leg frame Yes No Stable, but no height adjustment
Make it just for you! Build your own workstation with a comprehensive list of ergonomic accessories made specifically to work with the desk, including in-desk power, customizable grommet holes, monitor arms, keyboard trays, wire management, CPU holders and more Yes No No
Desktop composition includes GREENGUARD Certified 1'' thick laminate tops, bamboo, reclaimed wood, solid wood or stainless steel Yes No - Beware of painted tops and other less desirable finishes No - Usually standard laminate or wood
Large, customizable L-shaped corner desktop option with three-leg height adjustable base Yes Usually No No
Custom desktop sizes in solid wood, premium bamboo and laminate made to fit your exact available space Yes No Probably not
Sustainable materials (reclaimed wood and bamboo desktops, recycled aluminum frames) Yes Usually No Usually No
Expandable desk frame can be used with any 26'' - 96'' wide desktop Yes Usually No No
355 lbs. lifting capacity Yes Usually No No
Programmable memory keypad available Yes Varies No keypad
Cable management standard, with advanced wire management kit available Yes Usually No No
Wire or power outlet option built right in the desktop, or no grommets for those who need a solid desktop surface without holes Yes Usually No Probably not
Privacy panel with included wire management available Yes Usually No Sometimes
Removable crossbars and small bracket option to clear space under desktop for accessories like a keyboard tray, with no bulky crossbar impeding leg space Yes Usually No No - Usually a frame or drawer in the way
Maximum desk height 50.5'' 47'' 28.5''
Soft start/stop height adjustment Yes Usually No No
Height adjustment speed 1.5'' per second 1'' per second None
Pre-drilled desktops for easy assembly Yes Usually No No
Low decibel level 45 dB in use 50+ dB in use 0 dB because it NEVER MOVES
Ergonomic edge desktop available Yes Usually No Sometimes
Zero solvent based paints and environmentally-friendly solvent-free metal finish Yes No No
Near 0 watt standby power AND low draw when in use Yes Varies, but usually more power is wasted Doesn't use any power, but just sits there draining you of energy instead
Electric sit-stand capability Yes Yes No
Allows you to burn 50 extra calories per hour while standing Yes Yes No - Makes you sit all day
Improves health, energy and focus Yes Yes No - In fact, will negatively impact health, energy and focus