Humanscale Freedom Drafting Chair

Counterbalance reclining mechanism provides the ideal amount of support throughout a full range of motion

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While the world may seem to be getting more complicated, some ergonomic chairs are becoming simpler, such as the Humanscale Freedom Drafting Chair.

Designed for taller seating situations like a height-adjustable desk, the smart counterbalance reclining system omits the need for adjusting levers and knobs, making your workday just a little simpler. Enjoy freedom of movement while you sit your way to better health with one chair. The Humanscale Freedom Drafting Chair comes packed with the same features as the much-loved Freedom Task Chair, including self-adjusting design technology that moves with your weight, a dual pivot backrest that adjusts to your spine, optional armrests, and contoured cushions, with the inclusion of a tall cylinder and foot ring, making this an exceptional drafting chair.

The Freedom Drafting Chair can be easily customized, allowing you to pick the components that make this chair uniquely yours.


  • Counterbalance reclining mechanism provides the ideal amount of support throughout a full range of motion
  • Dual pivot backrest provides extra motion during recline to automatically adjust to the needs of your spine
  • Armrests move in tandem to eradicate the dangers of uneven arm positioning
  • Cushions are modular so swapping them out is easy
  • 8" tall chair cylinder with 18" or 21" foot ring
  • Made in USA


Chair height 43" - 53" H
Seat height 20.5" - 28.5" H
Back height 18" - 21" H
Seat width 20" W
Headrest adjustment range 5"
Warranty 15 years
Weight capacity 300 lbs




Promotional Item

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The Freedom Drafting Chair's optional headrest moves dynamically into place when the user reclines and out of the way when the user sits up. This lets it move with the natural arc of the head and neck for perfect support through the full range of recline. It has a 5'' range of vertical adjustment. The headrest is contoured to cradle the head and neck comfortably.

Humanscale Freedom Drafting Chair Headrest

Humanscale Freedom Drafting Chair Arms

The Freedom arms are available in two different styles: standard and advanced. The standard arms quickly move up and down; the advanced arms are width as well as height adjustable.

Humanscale Armrests

Standard Armrests

  • Revolutionary armrests move in tandem to eliminate the dangers of uneven arm positioning
  • Natural lift-and-release action allows for immediate repositioning without the need for buttons or locks
  • The armrests provide a 6" range of vertical motion to accommodate all users and tasks, and they can be positioned below thigh-level for close table or desk work
  • The armrests are attached to the backrest, not the seat like most chairs, so they stay in the same relation to your body when you recline

Advanced Armrests

Please Note: Many users prefer the added adjustability of the advanced armrests.

  • Offer all the same features of the standard armrests
  • Arms slide left and right for width adjustment
  • Come 1 1/4'' longer than standard armrests for additional support

Armrest Padding

Once you pick the type of arms to best suit your needs, choose your arm padding, Duron or Technogel. Add a surface material to complement your Freedom color options.

  • Duron arms have a foam core and a durable, synthetic leather cover
  • Technogel arms contain a softer and extremely comfortable gel layer below the synthetic leather cover
  • Either padding choice can be upholstered in fabric or leather to match your chair

Frame Color

The Freedom Drafting Chair is available with two frame colors: graphite frames are the standard color, and the polished aluminum frame is an upgrade available with graphite shells on the cushions and arms.

Humanscale Freedom Drafting Chair Frame Color

Base Color

The Freedom Drafting Chair comes standard with a highly durable composite base with graphite finish, or upgrade to a powder-coated or polished aluminum finish.

Humanscale Freedom Drafting Chair Base

Seat Fabric

Fourtis - Grade 1

Inspired by the Latin word fortis, meaning strong, this fabric is the ultimate ratio of durability and flexibility thanks to a unique weave of two-blended colors, and offering a four-way stretch.

Corde 4 - Grade 1

Constructed from cotton, Corde 4 includes a four-way stretch and a small, modular weave. The result is a dimensionally ribbed surface on the face of the fabric that remains soft to the touch.

Lotus - Grade 1

This four-way stretch textile is water repellant and easy to clean, making it an ideal textile for healthcare and hospitality environments. Its polyurethane finish with nylon backing boasts a soft texture while offering exceptional durability. It exceeds all standards for contract upholstery and healthcare tests.

Sensuede - Grade 3

Sensuede was developed to be the best and most luxurious engineered suede available. The faux suede's soft touch comes from the use of breathable and wrinkle resistant recycled microfibers that are finer than a human hair but are extra-strong, resulting in a very resilient fabric. This material also was selected because of its environmentally sensitive content and manufacturing process.

Ticino Leather - Grade 1

Ticino is a semi-aniline dyed leather available in a variety of rich colors inspired by nature. It is a top, corrected grain leather to create a more natural aesthetic and ensure the leather remains as unique as the hide itself.

Corvara Leather - Grade 3

Corvara is a semi-aniline dyed leather that offers a smooth, silky feel and ultimate durability. It is a top, full grain leather that is embossed lightly for a consistent, uniform grain structure.


Box Stitching Color

Choose from a variety of different color box stitchings for your chair. This option is only available for leather upholstery.

Box Stitching Colors Humanscale Freedom Drafting Chair

Seat Cushion

Humanscale offers a standard padded foam or gel seat cushion on the Freedom Drafting Chair. Both seats are very comfortable, but the gel seat upgrade offers better long-term support and relief of pressure points for users that sit in their chair 8 to 10 hours a day.

  • Standard foam seat is contoured to fit your body and reduce pressure points, and is both comfortable and supportive
  • Technogel seat cushion is a non-degradable, non-compressible Technogel layer on top of a foam core that provides maximum pressure distribution and offers unmatched, long-term comfort
  • Technogel seat is available only with the Lotus and Vellum fabrics and is not available with leather or Sensuede

Please Note: Technogel has a firmer "sit" than the standard foam that softens up somewhat after a few minutes and will offer better back support if you are seated for long periods of time. Users who are up and down more may prefer the foam.

Humanscale Freedom Drafting Chair Seat Cushion

Seat Height

The Freedom Drafting Chair's cylinder has an 8" travel range from 20.5" - 28.5" seat cushion height. Its foot ring may be selected in one of two sizes.

High F Chair 18'' diameter foot ring
High R Chair 21'' diameter foot ring


Four caster/glide options are available. Most of our customers select the standard casters for carpet floors or soft casters for hard floors. Glides are perfect for a stationary chair, and the locking casters let the chair move around when no one is sitting down.

Standard Hard Casters 2 1/2'' double-wheeled for carpeted floors
Soft Casters 2 1/2'' soft double-wheeled for hard floors
Glides Non-rolling glides for fixed location use
Locking Casters Lock into position when you sit on the chair
Humanscale Casters

Ergonomic Training Video

This chair purchase includes a free half-hour Ergonomic Training Video with an ergonomic pro. This video will help you learn how best to use ergonomic tools and make the right choices for your workstation. Anyone interested in building an ideal workspace for their own unique needs should take advantage of this offer. The video will cover valuable ergonomic essentials such as:

  • Understanding the biomechanics of sitting
  • Setting up a workstation to maximize efficiency
  • Adjusting a chair to promote neutral posture
  • Learning exercises to reduce stress and fatigue
Ergonomic Training Video


The Humandscale Chairs can be ordered with either standard plastic components or CAL 133 compliant components.


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