Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest

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    Esteemed designer Niels Diffrient invented the ergonomic chair of dreams that forgoes levers and knobs to bring you the best in seating solutions without the hassle of manual adjustments. The Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest's supremely ergonomic design works with your body weight to let you move and recline the seat hands-free.

    Contoured cushioning supports you where you need it while allowing users to individually position each part of the office chair to fit the body. It's truly comfortable, customizable sitting, your way.

    Ergonomic support comes in all shapes and sizes, with many bells and whistles to help you find that supportive sweet spot. Choose your ideal seating setup - pick your arms, cushion contouring, seat height, upholstery options, and floor casters - with the hugely popular Humanscale Freedom Chair you can feel what better ergonomics can do for your work style just by changing up the way you sit.

    Looking for an ergonomic chair with optimal breathability to the back? The Humanscale Diffrient World Chair with Fabric Seat can help bring you to a more comfortable working experience with a single seating upgrade. 


    • Counterbalance mechanism supports users ranging in height from 5' 0" to 6' 4"
    • Recline averts pressure points by increasing the angle between torso and legs
    • Extra motion provided by the backrest during recline automatically adjusts to the needs of your spine
    • Dynamic movement provides up to 1" of additional lumbar support
    • Contoured cushions increase contact area on thighs to reduce pressure points
    • Headrest is contoured and moves forward for total neck support

    The Design Story

    Diffrient wanted to create an office chair that was revolutionary in concept and adjusted automatically to everybody that sat in it. Diffrient had a passion for aviation, and grew up drawing and building model planes. In 2002 during a TED talk, he shared the design processes that went in to the creation of the Freedom chair, and explaining how the disciplines between aviation flight and office chairs were connected.

    "With the airplane you learn a lot about how to deal with the air, for a chair you have to learn a lot about how to deal with the body, and what the body needs, wants, indicates it needs. And that's the way, ultimately after some ups and downs, I ended up designing [Freedom]."

    Niels Diffrient, Designer


    Chair height 43" - 53" H
    Seat height - Standard 16" - 21" H
    Seat height - Tall 17" - 22.25" H
    Back height 18" - 21" H
    Seat width 20" W
    Headrest adjustment range 5"
    Warranty 15 years
    Weight capacity 300 lbs


    1. Is there any way to cut down on the lead time?

      You may order a basic version of the Humanscale Freedom Chair that will ship out the same business day, if ordered before 2pm CST.

    2. Does this require any assembly?

      The Freedom Chair requires minimal assembly. Just position the upper chair assembly onto the base of the chair and you will be enjoying your new Freedom in no time.

    3. Is the headrest removable?

      The headrest cannot be removed from the Humanscale Freedom Chair, but you can order the chair without a headrest.

    4. What is the "box stitching" option on the leather version of this chair?

      Box stitching helps hold together the pieces of leather. It is required on the all leather Freedom Chair, but you can choose the color of stitching that you would like to accent the leather.

    5. Have I seen this chair on TV?

      You likely have! The Humanscale Freedom Chair is an iconic chair that has been featured on many TV shows, including the show 24.

    6. Do the Freedom arms swivel?

      Although older versions of the Freedom arms did swivel, the new arms slide inward.




    Promotional Item

    FREE UPLIFT Single Monitor Arm

    Mount a monitor weighing between 4.5 lbs - 17.5 lbs, and adjust the height, depth or lateral position with easy fingertip adjustment.

    UPLIFT Single Monitor Arm

    Humanscale Freedom Chair Arms

    The Freedom arms are available in two different styles: standard and advanced. The standard arms quickly move up and down; the advanced arms are width as well as height adjustable.

    Humanscale Armrests

    Standard Armrests

    • Revolutionary armrests move in tandem to eliminate the dangers of uneven arm positioning
    • Natural lift-and-release action allows for immediate repositioning without the need for buttons or locks
    • The armrests provide a 6" range of vertical motion to accommodate all users and tasks, and they can be positioned below thigh-level for close table or desk work
    • The armrests are attached to the backrest, not the seat like most chairs, so they stay in the same relation to your body when you recline

    Advanced Armrests

    Please Note: Many users prefer the added adjustability of the advanced armrests.

    • Offer all the same features of the standard armrests
    • Arms slide left and right for width adjustment

    Armrest Padding

    Once you pick the type of arms to best suit your needs, choose your arm padding, Duron or Technogel. Add a surface material to complement your Freedom color options.

    • Duron arms have a foam core and a durable, synthetic leather cover
    • Technogel arms contain a softer and extremely comfortable gel layer below the synthetic leather cover
    • Either padding choice can be upholstered in fabric or leather to match your chair

    Frame Color

    The Freedom Chair is available with three frame colors: graphite and titanium frames are standard colors, and the polished aluminum frame is an upgrade available with graphite shells on the cushions and arms.

    Humanscale Freedom Chair Frame Color

    Base Color

    The Freedom Chair comes standard with a highly durable composite base with graphite finish, or upgrade to a powder-coated or polished aluminum base finish.

    Humanscale Freedom Chair Base


    Fourtis - Grade 1

    Inspired by the Latin word fortis, meaning strong, this fabric is the ultimate ratio of durability and flexibility thanks to a unique weave of two-blended colors, and offering a four-way stretch.

    Corde 4 - Grade 1

    Constructed from cotton, Corde 4 includes a four-way stretch and a small, modular weave. The result is a dimensionally ribbed surface on the face of the fabric that remains soft to the touch.

    Lotus - Grade 1

    This four-way stretch textile is water repellant and easy to clean, making it an ideal textile for healthcare and hospitality environments. Its polyurethane finish with nylon backing boasts a soft texture while offering exceptional durability. It exceeds all standards for contract upholstery and healthcare tests.

    Sensuede - Grade 3

    Sensuede was developed to be the best and most luxurious engineered suede available. The faux suede's soft touch comes from the use of breathable and wrinkle resistant recycled microfibers that are finer than a human hair but are extra-strong, resulting in a very resilient fabric. This material also was selected because of its environmentally sensitive content and manufacturing process.

    Ticino Leather - Grade 1

    Ticino is a semi-aniline dyed leather available in a variety of rich colors inspired by nature. It is a top, corrected grain leather to create a more natural aesthetic and ensure the leather remains as unique as the hide itself.

    Corvara Leather - Grade 3

    Corvara is a semi-aniline dyed leather that offers a smooth, silky feel and ultimate durability. It is a top, full grain leather that is embossed lightly for a consistent, uniform grain structure.


    Box Stitching Color

    Choose from a variety of different color box stitchings for your chair. This option is only available for leather upholstery.

    Box Stitching Colors Humanscale Freedom Chair

    Seat Cushion

    Humanscale offers a standard padded foam or gel seat cushion on the Freedom chair. Both seats are very comfortable, but the gel seat upgrade offers better long-term support and relief of pressure points for users that sit in their chair 8 to 10 hours a day.

    • Standard foam seat is contoured to fit your body and reduce pressure points, and is both comfortable and supportive
    • Technogel seat cushion is a non-degradable, non-compressible Technogel layer on top of a foam core that provides maximum pressure distribution and offers unmatched, long-term comfort
    • Technogel seat is available only with the Lotus and Vellum fabrics and is not available with leather or Sensuede

    Please Note: Technogel has a firmer "sit" than the standard foam that softens up somewhat after a few minutes and will offer better back support if you are seated for long periods of time. Users who are up and down more may prefer the foam.

    Humanscale Freedom Chair Seat Cushion

    Seat Height

    Raise or lower the height of the Freedom's seat by selecting a cylinder size. When sitting in a chair, a person's feet should rest comfortably on the floor or a foot rest. Ninety-five percent of our customers select the standard height for their chair; however, a petite user with a lower desk or a tall user with a higher desk can opt for a custom configuration without worrying about bumping their knees on a work surface.

    • Standard height cylinder fits 90% of the population
    • Tall cylinder combines with a footring to make the Freedom Chair a Humanscale Freedom Drafting Chair
    • Return to height cylinder returns to the highest position when the user exits the chair

    Please Note: If you aren't sure which height is best for you, give us a call and we'll help you choose.

    Humanscale Cylinder height


    The Freedom chair offers four caster choices. Most of our customers select the standard casters for carpet floors or soft casters for hard floors. Glides are perfect for a stationary chair, and the locking casters let the chair move around when no one is sitting down.

    Standard Hard Casters 2 1/2'' double-wheeled for carpeted floors
    Soft Casters 2 1/2'' soft double-wheeled for hard floors
    Glides Non-rolling glides for fixed location use
    Locking Casters Lock into position when you sit on the chair
    Humanscale Casters


    The Humanscale Freedom Chair with Headrest can be ordered with either standard plastic components or CAL 133 compliant components.


    Humanscale Terms and Conditions

    Due to manufacturer policy, this item cannot be returned once received nor canceled once ordered.
    Please contact us if you have any questions about the Humanscale products we offer, or about the no return policy on Humanscale items.

    22 Reviews Hide Reviews Show Reviews

    • 2
      Shoddy Workmanship

      Posted by Paul Camp on Apr 17th 2018

      I've owned one of these for over a decade and it has been a never ending stream of broken parts. The armrests have been replaced 4 times alone. The last time they sent a cheaper armrest (no cloth) and wouldn't replace it. Now the gas spring is kaput and you can't get a replacement without knowing the year yours was manufactured. This is, of course, not on any label. All told, it was just not worth the money.

    • 5
      Great chair

      Posted by Carol S. on Nov 27th 2013

      Beautifully paid artfully packed. Wonderful chair.

    • 5
      easy to sit in without adjustments!

      Posted by George Walker on Jun 24th 2013

      I love my chair. It's so comfy and I don't have a adjust it! I just sit and it let's me move back and forth. Great lumbar support too. It's a keeper!

    • 5
      great chair and options

      Posted by Holly on Apr 15th 2013

      I've bought 3 different high end task chairs and this is my favorite because it fits both small and large people, so it's interchangeable in our office. I also got the optional mid-range cylinder so that it can be used at a low, standard desk height or popped up to use at our higher desks. The gel seat is very comfortable and I love the simplicity of adjustments.

    • 5
      I love my chair!

      Posted by Michele on Mar 9th 2013

      I love my chair!

      I have been searching for a ergonomic chair that will work for me for several years due to advanced lumbar, thoracic, and cervical osteoarthritis, several compression fractures due to sports related injuries, tennis elbow (mouse elbow), carpal tunnel syndrome, and a lifetime history of repeated pilonidal disease.
      My job is at the computer all day plus I am a full time online student. The Freedom Chair with the gel seat, head rest, and adjustable arm rests, along with a narrow keyboard has been the end to my long search for pain relief while spending many hours at the computer.
      This is an amazing chair. It gives me perfect spinal and neck support throughout the day without having to mess with any levers or knobs as I change positions.
      The gel seat is a must for anyone with coccyx issues. Those contoured ergo seats that have a bump in the middle always caused pain and skin breakdown at my tailbone. I have not had any problems in this area since I have been living in my Freedom chair.
      My symptoms of carpal tunnel and tennis elbow have disappeared due to the adjustable arm rests that move with me when I lean back throughout the day.
      I purchased this chair for my home, but took it to work to use until the identical chair my employer purchased for me is delivered. This chair is well worth the money. If my employer did not purchase one of these chairs for me I would be loading it up in my pickup every day and hauling back and forth so I could use it for my job and my course work at home.
      The bonus of this chair is its beauty.

    • 5
      Love my new chair!

      Posted by Gigi in New Orleans on Jan 8th 2012

      It's beautiful, red leather, and provides the lumbar support I need for long hours in front of my computer.

      Also noticed the chair in the recent Mission Impossible film.

      I'm pleased with my purchase and thank you Humanscale for the 15% special last month and the foot machine.

    • 5
      HumanScale Freedom with Headrest

      Posted by BWilson on Oct 31st 2011

      I receive the chair promptly, and it was exactly as ordered. This is a wonderful chair. Very comfortable. Aesthetically beautiful. Highly recommend this chair.

    • 4
      good chair, good service

      Posted by Andre on Jul 25th 2011

      I love the reclining action of this chair and the feeling of quality. The armrest lowering/raising mechanism is a bit finicky with its ratchet type system but easy to use. All of the adjustments are easy to make. If you're like me and do some of your best thinking in a chair that inspires you, then look no further. The saddle leather goes great with my airplane wing desk.

      Had a problem with the gas lift out of the box. Would not respond to any adjustments. Humansolution sent out a new gas lift and base in about a week, no questions asked. Great service! And my chair is now fully functional. I see many years of productivity sitting on this throne.

    • 5
      Freedom Chair with headrest

      Posted by S Scott Nicholas on Jun 2nd 2011

      Overall I am satisfied. The seat could be a little less smoothe as when I lean back I tend to slide forward - not a big deal.

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