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Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray - Design Your Own

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      Save big on Humanscale at Human Solution!

      Better ergonomics is just around the bend, of the keyboard tray, that is. Enjoy a tray that houses natural or curved keyboards with the Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray, which allows you to engage in negative tilt keying for more comfort.

      Working within your Neutral Reach Zone is crucial to your health; sit too long in the wrong position and you'll see what we mean.

      When you need the keyboard brought closer to you, the customizable Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray is your go-to desk accessory to assist you in better typing.

      The tray attaches to most desks and can be customized with accessories that meet your unique workstation needs.


      • Easily configured to meet specific needs
      • Platform is made of phenolic - an ultra-strong, remarkably thin 1/4" composite that's nontoxic, durable, and easy to clean
      • Versatile two-way design can be flipped to accommodate natural-shaped and rectangular keyboards, with or without wrist rest
      • Design supports natural or wave ergonomic keyboards, works with any of the mouse platform options and will fit most desks
      • 15 year warranty


      Mechanisms 9 adjustable arms available
      Track lengths 11" - 27" for varying desk depths
      Mousing surface 13 clip-on and swivel options
      Platform dimensions 20.5" W x 10.48" D
      13.24" D at deepest point
      Warranty 15 years

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      The Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray is only available in Black.


      Humanscale Keyboard Tray Mechanisms

      2G mechanism

      Loosen knob to adjust and lock back into place. Unlike the 5G or 6G, this mechanism has no reference for keyboard platform angle.

      Height adjustment 6.25": 1.25" above track to 5" below track
      Track length Comes standard with 22" track
      Humanscale 2G Mechanism

      6G mechanism

      Humanscale's newest dial-a-tilt mechanism that instantly adjusts the platform's tilt without the need to lock or loosen any knobs or levers and slimmer than the 5G.

      Height adjustment 7": 1.75" above track to 5.25" below track
      Track length Comes standard with 22" track
      Humanscale 6G Mechanism

      5G mechanism

      The dial-a-tilt mechanism instantly adjusts the platform's tilt without the need to lock or loosen any knobs or levers. Its solid build quality and simplicity make this mechanism the most popular mechanism Humanscale offers.

      Height adjustment 6.25": 1.25" above track to 5" below track
      Track length Comes standard with 22" track
      Humanscale 5G Mechanism

      4G mechanism

      This is the older version of the 5G mechanism, featuring dial-a-tilt keyboard angle adjustability.

      Height adjustment 6.25": 1.25" above track to 5" below track
      Track length Comes standard with 22" track
      humanscale 4G mechanism

      5GSM mechanism for limited-depth desks

      This mechanism goes 4" farther underneath a desk surface, getting a keyboard tray stored out of the way on a shorter track, perfect for desks with limited depth or small spaces.

      Height adjustment 4": 0.5" above track to 3.5" below track
      Track length Comes standard with 18" track
      Humanscale 5GSM Mechanism

      4GAD mechanism for above-desk use

      This is a version of the 4G with a longer arm for use above a work surface, making it great for sit-to-stand solutions.

      Height adjustment 11.5": 8.5" above track to 3" below track
      Track length Comes standard with 27" track
      Humanscale 4GAD mechanism

      5GAD mechanism for above-desk use

      This mechanism's greater-than-average adjustment range is ideal for sit-to-stand workstations, featuring steel construction for stable keying and mousing.

      Height adjustment 13.5": 7.5" above track to 6" below track
      Track length Comes standard with 27" track
      humanscale 5GAD mechanism

      KM mechanism

      This mechanism features a pre-set 0 degree tilt and knob-free adjustment.

      Height adjustment 6.25": 1.25" above track to 5" below track
      Track length Comes standard with 22" track
      Humanscale KM Mechanism

      Lateral Slider

      All Humanscale mechanisms pivot 360 degrees from the point where it is mounted to the track. Some users have a need for additional side-to-side adjustability. The lateral slider provides for eight extra inches of movement from right to left. This is a useful feature for someone at a large workstation that requires them to type facing different angles or monitors.

      Humanscale Lateral Slider

      Mouse Platform

      Clip Mouse - Mousing Platform

      The clip mouse platform is the only mouse platform that allows the user total adjustment control in all three dimensions- height, depth, forward/back and tilt, allowing it to be adjusted precisely the way you need it. It also easily snaps onto either side of the tray for left or right use, and it's available in two sizes and different height ranges.

      Note: The high clip has an extra one inch height for additional adjustment and usability and is the most popular accessory we sell.

      90 8.5'' diameter
      90H 8.5'' diameter high
      91 10'' diameter
      91H 10'' diameter high
      90H90H 8.5'' diameter high - Dual platforms for left and right
      91H91H 10'' diameter high - Dual platforms for left and right
      Humanscale Clip Mouse Platform

      Swivel Mouse - Mousing Platform

      The swivel mouse mounts underneath either the left or right front corner of the platform. It swivels out from underneath the keyboard platform easily and tucks out of the way when not in use. This mouse platform is available in right, left and dual configurations. The main difference between the clip mouse and swivel mouse is the adjustability. The swivel platform stays on the same tilt or angle as the keyboard tray; the clip mouse angle can be adjusted independently.

      11R 8'' swivel right
      11L 8'' swivel left
      11D 8'' swivel dual - Dual platforms for left and right
      12R 10'' swivel right
      12L 10'' swivel left
      12D 10'' swivel dual - Dual platforms for left and right
      Humanscale Swivel Mouse Platform

      M2 Mouse - Mousing Platform

      The M2 offers all the advantages of the swivel mouse, but it is slightly larger and offers a uniquely shaped platform. This lets a user bring the mousing surface closer to their body for a lower risk mousing position.

      81R M2 right
      81L M2 left
      81D M2 dual - Dual platforms for left and right
      Humanscale M2 Mouse Platform

      Palm Support

      The Humanscale 100 Combo Keyboard Tray can be ordered with palm rests for additional support while typing and mousing. Humanscale palm supports are available in black only.

      19'' palm rest [F, G, S] Foam, gel or slim with synthetic leather cover
      19'' and 7'' palm rests [SMP27] Two separate slim palm rests
      19'' and 5'' palm rests [SMP25] Two separate slim palm rests
      Humanscale Palm Rests

      Track Length

      The track mounts to the underside of your work surface. It directs and supports the Humanscale mechanism and keyboard tray as it slides forward and back. Standard length on most mechanisms is 21 5/8 inches. That length ensures that the keyboard tray can be completely stowed under your desk when not in use. Some mechanisms come standard with a shorter or longer track. Consult each description for that information, but all systems can be ordered with any track length.


      Mouse Pad

      The Humanscale 300 Curved Keyboard Tray can be ordered with a mouse pad to fit any of the available mousing platforms.

      8.5'' swivel platforms MPGEL8 8.5'' gel mouse pad
      10'' swivel platforms MPGEL10 10'' gel mouse pad
      90 or 90H clip platforms CMPGEL8 8.5'' gel mouse pad
      91 or 91H clip platforms CMPGEL 10'' gel mouse pad
      8'' - 8.5'' mouse platforms HSMP12TIPS 8'' ergo tips mouse pad
      10'' mouse platforms MSMP12TIPS10 9'' ergo tips mouse bad

      Second Mouse Pad

      A second mouse pad can be ordered with the Humanscale 100 tray for configurations utilizing two mouse platforms.

      Product Reviews

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      1. Fantastic Tray and Mouse Pad 5 Star Review

        Posted by on Jul 16th 2010

        The keyboard tray tucks neatly underneath my work desk, has good forward tilt and the mousing surface is very comfortable and roomy!

      2. Well built tray 5 Star Review

        Posted by on Jun 25th 2009

        This is an excellent keyboard tray, and the buying options letting me pick and choose the components was a great feature.

        On the positive side, this was relatively easy to install (although does require laying on your back under the desk with a drill and screwdriver, but that would be the case with any keyboard tray) and definitely gives the impression of a tray that will last for many years. I installed it on a brand new, custom made executive desk, and am not disappointed. It is easy to adjust, and lets me qickly move the keyboard to a comfortable height.

        On the negative, there were some shipping delays and it took a couple of weeks to arrive. When it did arrive, the mouse tray was pre-attached to the keyboard tray, but they put it on upside down -- however, that only took a couple of minutes to fix, so not really a big deal. The package included almost double the parts needed, I think because they have enough screws for every add-on you might get. That made it a little harder that it could have been to figure out which screws were the ones I needed, but again not really a big deal.

        All told, I'm pleased with the purchase and would buy it again.

      Warranty Information

      This product comes standard with a 15-year warranty.

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