Humanscale eFloat Flex Standing Desk Frame for Rectangular Top - 2-leg

eFloat Flex Desk Frame for Rectangular Tops by Humanscale

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  • Flexible, durable, affordable: The eFloat Flex desk frame is created to be customized and built to last
  • Adjustable height frame gives you all the benefits of a standing desk at a modest price point
  • Easy adjustments: Four different keypad options make setting and storing custom height ranges easy
  • Incredible range of 19" of height adjustability (26" to 45" from the floor, excluding tabletop thickness) with two more extended range options available
  • 220 lb weight capacity
  • Four memory pad options: Basic (standard up-down control functions), Touch Basic (functions like the Basic but with tactile touch pad), Programmable (push-button up and down control with digital height readout and four programmable memory settings), and Touch FX Programmable (functions like the Programmable but with tactile touch pad)
  • Extra-durable frame made from heavier materials supports multiple work surface designs and sizes
  • The Flex desk frame is in it for the long haul with super sturdy construction and top-of-the-line German motor technology
  • Meets BIFMA requirements for load, capacity, and stability

Meet the eFloat Flex: The ultimate flexible and affordable height adjustable desk frame from Humanscale. The Flex is ideal for heavier work surfaces—its expandable frame can hold up to 225 lb. Enjoy all the benefits of a standing desk in any office or home work environment by building your own custom sit-stand workstation using the eFloat Flex desk frame. Personalize your workstation with a desktop of your choice, use an existing desktop and transform your desk into an ergonomic paradise. Or choose from a wide selection of beautiful desktops by UPLIFT Desk.

Each eFloat standing desk frame provides an exceptional 20" of height adjustability (26" to 45" from the floor, excluding top thickness). Plus, the Flex frame offers two more height adjustment range options: Extended height range (21" to 47"), and extended height range plus (22" to 49"). The eFloat Flex's expandable construction is customizable and built to last: It can hold up to 225 lb and accomodate a large variety of desktops, including heavier work surfaces, so you can create your ideal custom workstation with materials and designs beyond the range of your standard office desk. Each desk frame comes with everything you need for easy assembly. Just add the work surface of your choice, and enjoy all the benefits of a durable, easy-to-use standing desk or table.

The eFloat line's customization options don't end at letting you choose your perfect top: Available in nine colors and four touchpad options, the Flex is built to complement any work environment. The digital memory touchpad option can even store your preferred sitting or standing positions, making it easy to enjoy noise-free height adjustment all day long.

The Design Story

The award-winning height adjustable Float by Humanscale has been taken further into the modern age with the eFloat, a beautiful and easy to use electric version of the Float. The eFloat makes changing postures quick and nearly effortless, allowing the user to adjust heights with the press of a button. The eFloat's elegant and durable construction is a testament to the key Humanscale principles: superior performance, incredible functionality, and beautiful design made to stand the test of time.


Dimensions Product Length: 35"-84" (5" increments)
Standard Range: 26" to 45"
Extended Range: 21" to 47"
Extended Range Plus: 22" to 49"
Maximum Weight Capacity Rectangular base: 225 lb
Color Options Black, White, Soft White, Silver, Light Tan Metallic, Warm Grey Neutral, Light Grey, Aviator Grey, Dark Grey
Warranty 5 years

Humanscale eFloat Flex for Rectangular Top F.A.Q.

  1. Does this frame come with a top?

    The eFloat Flex is a frame only; the table/desk top is not included.

  2. What table/desk tops is this frame compatible with?

    Any rectangular work surface that will fit the specifications for the frame are compatible. The eFloat frame is compatible with work surface widths from 48" (1200 mm) to 72" (1800 mm) and depths from 24" (600 mm) to 30" (800 mm), including work surfaces from most manufacturers.

    For 90-degree and 120-degree work surfaces, you can try the eFloat Flex 3-Leg Frame. Work surface is not included with this frame.

  3. What is the height range of this frame?

    There are three height range options for the eFloat Flex (measuring from the floor to the work surface):

    Standard Range: 26" to 45" Extended Range: 21" to 47" Extended Range Plus: 22" to 49"

  4. What is the weight capacity of the eFloat Flex?

    Capacity is 225 lb for rectangular base and 275 lb for 90 and 120-degree work surfaces.

  5. What colors does the eFloat Flex come in?

    There are nine available color options: black, white, soft white, silver, light tan metallic, warm grey neutral, light grey, aviator grey, and dark grey.


Base Color

The eFloat Lite Desk Frame comes in nine colors: Black, Silver, White, Soft White, Light Tan Metallic, Warm Grey Neutral, Light Grey, Aviator Grey, and Dark Grey

humanscale eflex frame colors

Height Range

Choose from a standard height range (26" to 45") or an extended height range (21" to 47") or an extended plus height range (22" to 49").


Support Bar

Legs must be placed no wider than 57" apart. Tops must be at least 1.185" thick. We always recommend using a support bar, if applicable.

Support Bar Lengths for Rectangular Tops:
Small Adjustable Bar - 48" - 66" W
Large Adjustable Bar - 66" - 84" W


Foot Depth and Style

Choose the depth of your frame's feet based on your desktop size. Choose the style of your foot based on your preference of having your desktop offset to the back of the desktop (C-Foot) or centered under the desktop (T-Foot).


Touch Pad

Basic Up-Down - Control by pushing button up and down. No memory settings.

Programmable - Control by pushing button up and down with digital height read out. Four programmable memory settings.

Touch Basic Up-Down - Tactile touch pad with up and down controls. No memory settings.

Touch FX Programmable - Tactile touch pad with up and down controls and digital height read out. Four programmable memory settings.

humanscale efloat flex keypad options


Locking Casters
2.5” hard double-wheel casters lock when someone is sitting in the chair.

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