Humanscale Float Table Base

The Humanscale Float Table Base provides 20" of easy-to-make height adjustment via one hand.

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As far as adjustable height desk bases go, the Humanscale Float Table Base is known for bringing work to more comfortable heights quickly. Well known for its ability to "float" into position with the assistance of a counterbalance weight adjustment that can be engaged with one hand, the base uses zero electricity and works without a bulky crossbar underneath. That's good news to all of the legroom fanatics out there who need an ergo-friendly desk base to keep them tasking as comfortably and efficiently as possible.

Minimal force is needed to move the desk from its sitting height at 27" to 47" fully extended, with an intuitive counterbalance mechanism that safely allows for adjustments without fear of it toppling over. The sturdy steel and aluminum construction rounds out its minimalistic yet stabilizing design for more ergo-friendly work you can count on for years.


  • Provides 20" of easy-to-make height adjustment via one hand
  • Sleek design features no bulky support beam or crossbar, giving you much more legroom
  • Handy counterbalance mechanism is adjustable and can support up to 130 lbs
  • Base can fit table tops with widths ranging from 48" to 72"
  • Unique safety feature prevents possibility of injury due to improper counterbalance
  • Lighted indicator for intuitive adjustment instruction
  • Sturdy steel and aluminum construction meets BIFMA load and capacity requirements

Base Color

The Humanscale Float Table comes in three available base colors: White, Black, or Silver.


Counterbalance Adjuster

The adjuster which counterbalances the desktop weight on your Humanscale Float Table can come mounted permanently or is also available removable.


The permanent mount is mounted permanently to the base and the removable adjuster is removable so it is able to be stored away from the desk when not needed and could even be used on multiple tables. The removable adjuster is a good solution when you have multiple tables in an environment where you may not want users to have the ability to make adjustments to the desk, like when it's located in a place with children. The permanently mounted adjuster would work well in a home office or small office where you do not want to have to go look for it when it's time to make adjustments.


Heavy Duty Kit

The heavy duty kit is an optional cylinder you can add to increase the lifting capacity an additional 30 lbs.



The Humanscale Float Table Base comes in two sizes, one for tops 48" to 54" wide and one for tops 60" to 72" wide.



Choose whether your Float Table base will be used with a 24" deep or 30" deep top.


Keyboard Tray

An ergonomic keyboard tray is an excellent accessory for your height adjustable desk, and the Humanscale Float Keyboard Tray has been specifically designed for use with the Float Table. Its specially-designed platform, track and mechanism allow for full storage under your Float Table's desktop, even with a 24'' depth top. The streamlined mechanism design features the standard 15° of negative tilt found in all Humanscale mechanisms, but removes the independent height adjustment from the keyboard tray mechanism, instead allowing you to use your Float Table's height adjustment capabilities to adjust your keyboard tray. The Float Keyboard Tray comes in black or white, and also lets you choose between foam, gel or slim gel palm rest.

HUS403~B~F Black with black foam palm rest
HUS403~B~G Black with black gel palm rest
HUS403~B~S Black with black slim gel palm rest
HUS403~W~F White with gray foam palm rest
HUS403~W~G White with gray gel palm rest
HUS403~W~S White with gray slim gel palm rest
Humanscale Float Keyboard Tray

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