Ergonomic Mouse Reviews

Ergonomic Mouse Reviews

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 1st 2015

We offer many different mice here at The Human Solution; which one is right for you? Hopefully this blog post will give you a more in-depth understanding of the different advantages to each mouse.

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse:

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is revolutionary in that it keeps your hand and wrist in a “handshake” position, a much more natural and comfortable grip. The Evoluent is the go-to mouse that I typically recommend and use everyday. The Evoluent is dependable, well-designed, attractive, affordable, and most important of all - comfortable. (For a more in-depth review, please see my Review: The Evoluent Vertical Mouse and A second look at the Evoluent Vertical Mouse.)

This ergonomic mouse is offered in four different models:

The HandShoe Mouse:

The Handshoe Mouse Ergonomic Mouse has the least extreme angle when comparing it with the Evoluent, the Aerobic Quill, or the OrthoMouse. The interesting name HandShoe is derived from the Dutch word for “Glove,” which is the goal of this ergonomic mouse, to fit the user like a glove. The HandShoe does well in keeping all the movement effort in the user’s arm, instead of the wrist or hand. The hand and wrist are kept in a very comfortable and natural position. I like the light-click version of the mouse.

The HandShoe mouse does come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. You can also choose wired or wireless for any size.

  The OrthoMouse Ergonomic Mouse:

The OrthoMouse was designed based on studies of the anatomy of the hand and the mouse functions. The OrthoMouse is similar in design to the Evoluent, as it adjusts the hand position to one that is more natural. The positioning is not as extreme as the Evoluent; it is sort of in between the handshake position and the position created by a conventional mouse. The OrthoMouse comes with several different body modifications to better suit the shape and size of the user’s hand. The OrthoMouse features low resistance buttons for easier manipulation.

The OrthoMouse is offered in a black right-hand only model.

  Airobic Quill Mouse:

The Airobic Quill Mouse is similar in angle to the Evoluent Vertical Mouse, but also utilizes a cradle-like contour for the wrist like that of the HandShoe Mouse. The primary advantage of using an Airobic Quill Mouse is the lack of grip needed to move the mouse, since the sides of your wrist will move the mouse for you. The Airobic Quill Mouse is a little unwieldy because of its somewhat large size (we offer an extra large mouse pad to accommodate it). When using the mouse, I found that the channel that you lay your hand in was not large enough to accommodate me comfortably. It’s not my favorite mouse, but through the years of working here, I’ve found that this ergonomic mouse has solved many computer users’ problems when they could find no other solution. The Airobic Quill Mouse is available in black or white, and left or right-handed.

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