Ever Wondered How To Relieve Finger Pain from Scroll Wheel?

Ever Wondered How To Relieve Finger Pain from Scroll Wheel?

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 28th 2014

Do you have pain in your scrolling finger due to repetitive stress caused by using the wheel on your mouse too much? Those wheels can be unforgiving when you use them constantly. Just ask the mice!

Repetitive stress in the fingers is common now that more people are using smartphones, tablets, and mice all the time throughout the day. This puts many on the hunt for ergonomic mice to help alleviate the pain.

While it's true that many ergo mice are designed to accommodate the wrist, many of the most popular models, like the Evoluent Vertical Mouse and Handshoe Mouse, still sport the ubiquitous scrolling wheel. "Skrrrrrr skrrrrr skrrrrr," it groans hoarsely as you comb webpages for that one piece of vital information, that wily video, or the box that says "Submit" or "Continue."

Here are some handy tips for avoiding the scroll:

  1. Use the keyboard buttons. Many people don't realize that most webpages can be scrolled simply by using the arrow keys on the keyboard. This movement requires simple tapping rather than arched scrolling. Plus, you don't have to repeat the movement. Just hold down the arrow key and scroll to your heart's content. Also, Page Up & Down and Home & End are the loneliest keys on most keyboards. Use them!

  2. Ctrl+F on Windows and Cmnd+F on Macs will allow you to search webpages and most documents for a specific word or phrase. There's no scrolling involved. Simply press Control or Command, hold it, and then press F. A dialogue box will open and you can type in the desired search phrase. This can be especially useful when scouring documents and webpages that go on forever.

  3. Try an ergonomic mouse that eliminates the scroll altogether.

You can explore the possibility of using a hands-free ergonomic mouse. Hands-free mice work by tracking head and eye movement to move the mouse cursor across the screen. These options are ideal for those with disabilities and problems that prevent them from typing as well, as many people who utilize hands-free mice also use virtual keyboards with which they can type on-screen.

Looking for a way out of your scroll button blues? Contact Human Solution and talk to an expert about relieving your finger pain today.

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