Orthovia OrthoMouse Ergonomic Mouse

The Orthovia OrthoMouse Ergonomic Mouse features six different configurations available offer a custom fit

Repetitive stress injuries are no laughing matter. That's why the science behind the OrthoMouse Ergonomic Mouse by OrthoVia is so helpful when understanding why arm pronation happens in the first place.

Designed by an orthopedic surgeon, the OrthoMouse is one accessory that seeks to minimize arm and wrist strain, allowing users to keep working comfortably until the job is done.


  • 6 different configurations available offer a custom fit
  • 5 buttons including 3 scroll buttons provide multiple ways to scroll
  • Anti-skid texture and optical sensor allow for precision movement with minimum travel
  • Low resistance buttons reduce stress when clicking
  • Plug and Play with a USB connection


Optical sensor 1000 DPI
Operating systems Windows: 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Me, 98
Mac: 8.6-9, OS X, 10.1 & up
Linux: Kernal 2.4 or newer w/ USB support
Cord length 6 foot
Dimensions 2.56" H x 3.23" W x 4.45-5.35" L

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  • 5
    OrthoMouse is awesome!

    Posted by SJ on Oct 19th 2011

    I am a professional technical writer, and I was having trouble with my shoulder, with pain starting there and referring down my arm. Now that I have the OrthoMouse, my hand and shoulder are pain free!

  • 5
    Ortho Mouse

    Posted by Henry Patel on Sep 3rd 2011

    i bought this after having some carpel tunnel issues. The product works does take some time to adjust to it,but the results are totally worth it.!

  • 4
    Ortho Mouse

    Posted by Keith Osborne on Apr 27th 2011

    A bit overprice but an input device that I recommend and install for my customers where I work. One of about a dozen I keep on hand to complete ergonomic assessments.

  • 1
    When it works it's great

    Posted by Mark on Jan 18th 2011

    I've had this mouse for 5 months now and I really like it - when it works. Every so often the left single click button starts to double click, which is really annoying and messes up whatever I am working on in AutoCAD, other CAD programs and other programs. The last time it started working correctly on it's own, but this time it is still double clicking after a few days.

    The manufacturer told me I'm clicking incorrectly, but being a mechanical engineer I think I understand how to click the mouse... and I've had other people try it with the same results.

    Oh well, time to move on to another ergonomic mouse!

  • 4
    Ortho Ergonomic Mouse

    Posted by Ian Lakeman on Aug 6th 2010

    Well worth the money, this mouse took away the repetitive scrolling that has been the cause of serious tendon pain in my forearm. The crude scroll and fine scroll buttons work very well. I would love to see a wireless version in the future.

  • 4
    ortho mouse-takes some getting used to

    Posted by charlotte on Jul 15th 2010

    Don't get me wrong, its really weird. it seems big. It has a lot of parts. And there are a few things that i would change. Mostly wish the thumb button were further back toward the palm. Even my boss who is a man thought it was sort of far away for his hands.

    But in general i am very happy. my wrist no longer hurts. I have been more careful to change positions more in my chair and with my keyboard tray. but the orthomouse also lets me move my hand around into slightly different places.

    it works in part by using the whole finger to click while the finger is at rest. you will have to try it to see. It does not work at all if you are standing or if your elbow is unsupported. since i use a keyboard tray, i support my forearm on the arm of my chair and pull the mouse tray forward to meet it. the instructions say that the entire arm should be supported.

    i work on autocad all day and i will admit it has taken me several weeks to get used to. it clearly slowed my work down for most of those two weeks, but it got rid of my pain and i am now starting to work at my old speed if i set everything up right. if i had something to do really fast and wanted to be more careless with my set up, i would have to switch back for that task.

  • 5

    Posted by Kevin on Jun 22nd 2010

    Love it!

  • 5

    Posted by Shannon on May 26th 2010

    I started with the Evoluent Mouse thinking it was a great idea with how the hand naturally lays vs. traditional mouse. However, when your hand is at rest, it doesn't lay vertically like the Evoluent Mouse requires. Thought I would take another look at another option for something more with a slant and really honor the natural lay of the hand-- BINGO, this works for me! It was strange to use for the first day, nonetheless I am still using it and would recommend it.

  • 5
    OrthoMouse ends wrist pain.

    Posted by Tony A on Feb 22nd 2010

    I looked at numerous "ergonomic" input devices. This one had features that seemed to make sense to me. I particularly liked that, finally, someone thought to move the optical sensor to a point near your fingertips. Why is the only mouse to do so?

    The thumb-operated scroll paddles and middle click are very easy to get used to. Click the up paddle once and scroll at normal speed, click up again equals double speed, click again, triple.

    One thing you quickly realize is that you have been using your fingers to move you old mouse. The OrthoMouse, like a lot of other ergo mice, is designed to stop this damaging motion. The whole hand rests on the mouse and the fingers are relaxed and used only for button clicking. This takes a bit of getting used to as the movement is more gross motor than fine motor. Speed and accuracy take time to develop.

    On the other hand, no pun intended, my wrist pain vanished almost immediately. I work a lot in AutoCad, as well as word processing and spreadsheets and I can say that the OrthoMouse has worked out very well indeed.

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