Slim Under Desk Storage Drawer by UPLIFT Desk

Notebooks, paper, and folders get a secure home that's close by


  • Secure your phone, wallet, tablet, or even a 15" laptop in the 16" x 13" inner storage space
  • Lock in your valuables and confidential documents to protect what matters to you
  • Make room to stretch your legs with a low profile design
  • Create more space with optional mounting brackets that add an additional shelf above the drawer
  • Mounts easily beneath your desk
  • This accessory is also compatible with non-UPLIFT desks

Slim Under Desk Storage Drawer

Stash your phone, wallet, notes, and even your laptop safely inside the Slim Under Desk Storage Drawer. Just mount the drawer to the underside of your desktop and secure your valuable items with the built-in lock to keep them close at hand. This drawer offers surprising space, with a slim two-inch profile that won't eat into your legroom!

Need even more space? We've got you covered! Optional, included brackets let you add an extra shelf on top of the drawer. For discreet, secure organization, the Slim Storage Drawer is a perfect fit.

Security and Legroom

Take back your desk space by stashing documents and valuables like your phone, keys, and wallet in this solid steel drawer. The lock keeps them safe and secure, and the convenient under-desk mounting keeps them close within reach. The drawer will raise and lower with your desk as you sit and stand. Its slim two-inch profile won't get in your way, so you can cross your legs and swivel freely!

Install Easily and Use it Right Away

Attach the drawer anywhere under your desktop with a 4-point screw mount and get started using it as soon as you receive it. If you need more storage space, we've got you covered! Mount it using the included optional brackets to hang the drawer lower and create a shelf on top.*

And that's all there is to assembly. The drawer comes pre-set on its tracks, so you won't have to worry about aligning them or putting any moving parts together.

*Mounting brackets are necessary to properly install your drawer if your desktop is 24" deep or smaller.

Compatible with Your Style

UPLIFT branded products are built to go together. The Slim Under Desk Drawer fits all UPLIFT Desks, and comes in black, white, gray, or industrial style to coordinate with your UPLIFT Desk Frame. Own a desk of a different brand? Don't worry! You can mount your Slim Under Desk Storage Drawer beneath any flat desktop at least 13.5" deep.



Overall dimensions 17.2" W x 13.5" D x 2" H (4.3" H with brackets)
Material Steel
Warranty 15 year
Shipping dimensions 15" W x 19" D x 3" H, 15 lb


  1. Is it hard to install the Slim Under Desk Storage Drawer?

    Nope! The drawer is installed to the underside of desks with 4 included wood screws. To install, line up the drawer so that it's flush with the front edge of your desktop; then screw it into place. If you want to add on storage brackets, 4 machine screws will allow you to attach the brackets to the drawer. Brackets are included, but optional, and allow you to install your drawer on desks with limited depth, like on desktops that are 24" deep.

  2. How does the Slim Under Desk Storage Drawer work?

    After installing this low profile drawer to your desk, it's ready to use! Stash your laptop up to 15 inches wide, and lock it away with a single key. Keys, wallets, and phones get a proper home where they don't take up space on your desktop. You'll have much more easy-to-reach storage at your workstation, without having to take up more personal space or legroom to get it.

  3. What if I already have a keyboard tray installed? Will this work on my desk?

    In a majority of cases, yes. Depending on the size of your desktop, the amount of accessories you already have installed, and their placement under your desk, you'll be able to tell if you can install this to your workstation. If you work at a limited depth desk, like our 24" desktops, you will want to add side brackets to your setup to ensure a successful installation. If you're not sure about your particular desk, call our Support Team and we can help figure out if your configuration is right for this drawer.

  4. How much fits in the drawer? Can I fit my laptop?

    Yes, if your laptop is 15 inches wide or less, you can store it inside the locking drawer. Although slim, this desk drawer can hold quite a bit of stuff, from wallets to notepads, and more. Some other things we fit inside: secret snack stashes, post-its, pog collections, spare makeup, and even a banana. Most small and medium sized items fit inside the drawer with no issue.

  5. Can I pick the color?

    You bet! Pick your drawer in the color that matches your desk and decor in black, white, gray, or industrial style.

  6. Can I use this with other desks?

    Yes, this accessory is compatible with UPLIFT and non-UPLIFT desks.





The Slim Under Desk Storage Drawer by UPLIFT Desk is available in black, white, or gray. The powder-coated paint finish on this steel drawer will match the finish on the UPLIFT desk frame. For a sleek drawer that pairs perfectly with your UPLIFT Desk, look no further than the Slim Under Desk Storage Drawer.

Slim Under Desk Storage Drawer by UPLIFT Desk

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