Zilker Dual Monitor Arm by UPLIFT Desk

Quickly attach the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm by UPLIFT Desk to your desktop surface

Named after Austin’s beloved and beautiful Zilker Park, the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm by UPLIFT Desk is just as eye-catching as the park’s downtown skyline views. In fact, it's the most stylish and attractive of all our monitor arms! Whether you’re standing or sitting, the Zilker was designed to give you the freedom to work comfortably and enjoy the benefits of an ergonomically optimal view of dual screens, while simultaneously opening up space on your desktop. With the ability to easily adjust your screens, you’ll be able to work with your team and collaborate effortlessly while rotating between portrait and landscape positions.

Don’t accept neck strain or stiffness as a natural consequence of sitting at your desk all day. With the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm, you can position your screens to the position that is most comfortable for your eyes, neck, and entire body. It can also support monitors that weigh anywhere from 4.4 lb to 11 lb, which makes the Zilker ideal for almost any monitor currently on the market. Getting your monitors off your desktop will provide you with extra room for your favorite desk decor. It also has built-in cable management, allowing you to route cables through the arm and down the back edge of your desk. You'll have a neater workspace and your day will be more productive without a bunch of wires hanging from your screens.

It's hard to imagine that a monitor arm with this many features is simple to install, but it is! There are two methods to choose from. Depending on the thickness and configuration of your desk, you can choose either the bolt-through mount or clamp mount. The clamp mount is a sturdy way to install the Zilker to desktops ranging from 0.75" - 3.75" thick. The bolt-through mounting kit is ideal for holes ranging from 0.4" - 3.15" in diameter. This allows you to place the arm right through desktops ranging from 0.6" - 2.13" in thickness. Should you choose to go with the bolt-through method, you can drill a hole anywhere on your desk to install the arm or use a grommet hole. Once you decide which method is right for you, you can quickly install the VESA mounting plate directly to the back of VESA-compatible monitors.

The Zilker comes in an array of colors to match your style and has built-in wire management that not only helps keep your workspace tidy, but also prevents hanging wires from getting caught when moving your monitors. By installing a dual monitor arm like the Zilker, you’re creating a more efficient and organized workstation. Have a laptop you’d like to mount? No problem, add the UPLIFT Laptop Mount to elevate your laptop, too.


  • Enjoy the productivity benefits of using two screens. Then adjust the height, distance, and angle of the monitors with this sleek, attractive monitor arm
  • Lift your monitors (from 4.4 - 11 lbs) anywhere from 6.75" to 19" off your desk surface
  • Two simple installation choices: bolt-through holes 0.4" - 3.15" in diameter on 0.6" - 2.13" thick desktops or clamp into the back edge of desktops 0.75" - 3.75" thick
  • Use the quick-release VESA mount to effortlessly attach your monitors
  • Reposition your monitors with ease. Use the rotation stop feature to prevent the monitor arm from interfering with objects past? the back edge of your desk
  • Reclaim valuable desk space by lifting your monitors up off the desktop. Then, use the built-in wire management clips to arrange your cables for a clean and organized look
  • Choose between black, white, gray and Industrial Style finish to match your UPLIFT Desk frame
  • This accessory is also compatible with non-UPLIFT desks
  • Be sure to check that your monitor's weight is compatible with the arm's capabilities


Supports Two 4.4 lb to 11 lb monitors
Max monitor width with monitor at back of desk* 39.5"
Max monitor width at 6.5" from back of desk to front of monitor* 39”
Max monitor width at 13" from back of desk to front of monitor (close to fingertip reach)* 37"
Height range (high, low) 6.75" - 19" H (measured from desk surface to center of VESA mount)
Vertical articulation 12.25"
Forward reach 21.7" (from center of post to VESA plate)
Side extension 19.75" (with monitor arm extended straight out to the left or right, measured from center of post to center of VESA plate)
Collapsible Down to 3.6" (from back of clamp to front of VESA plate)
VESA compatibility 75mm and 100mm, quick-release
Arm pivot 360 degrees, 180 degrees w/ limiter (arrives w/ limiting pin installed)
Monitor tilt range 60 degrees (+/-30 degrees)
Monitor pan range 180 degrees (+/-90 degrees) (Rotation can be more than 180 degrees depending on monitor size, the edge of larger monitors will hit the arm before smaller ones will.)
Monitor rotation 360 degrees (portrait to landscape)
VESA compatibility 75 mm and 100 mm, quick-release
Mounts Clamp or Bolt-through included
Desk thickness Clamp mount - 0.75" to 3.75" / Bolt-through mount - 0.6" - 2.13"
Bolt-thru hole diameter 0.4" to 3.15"
Available colors Black, White, Gray, Industrial Style
Monitor arm weight 9.82 lb (clamp) / 8.63 lb (bolt-through)
Warranty 15 year
Shipping dimensions 17.25" W x 12" D x 5.63" H, 13 lb

* Keep in mind that the larger the monitors you attach to the Zilker are, the less adjustment there will be. However, most monitors within the stated weight limit shouldn't impede the adjustability of the Zilker arm.

Zilker Dual Monitor Arm FAQs

  1. If my monitor is lighter or heavier than the weight range of this product will it work?

    Each arm on the Zilker Dual Monitor Arm will only work for monitors 4.4 lb - 11 lb.

  2. Is there a better option for a dual monitor arm?

    There are many great options, but it really depends on your style preference, your monitors, your desk set-up, and what you really want in a monitor arm. The Zilker Dual Monitor arm comes complete with rotation control and will keep your desktop looking organized with its built-in wire management. It is also our most aesthetically-pleasing monitor arm.

  3. What width of monitors will work?

    Two 39.5" wide monitors will fit next to each other. However, should you choose to install monitors of this size, most adjustability will be lost.

    To clarify, the maximum monitor width at 6.5" from the back of your desk to the front of your monitor is 39". The maximum at 13", which happens to be close to the proper ergonomic position for most, is 37".

    Keep in mind that the weight limit (11 lb) will limit the monitor compatibility before the actual size of the monitor will. Monitors that we have found within the weight range are well within the width range.

    For extra-wide monitors, we suggest two single arms to preserve the range of motion.

  4. What happens if I can’t get my monitor arm to stay in place?

    If your monitors don’t feel steady and are well within the weight range (4.4 lb and 11 lb), you’ll just need to use the included Allen wrench to adjust the arm to the weight of your monitor. Is your monitor dropping? Just turn the tension screw in the direction of the “+” sign. If your monitor seems to be getting higher, turn the tension screw towards the "-" sign. We promise you’ll find the perfect balance with just a few small adjustments.

  5. Can you explain what a “quick-release VESA mount” is?

    This allows you to easily attach monitors. It takes just a few screws to install the mounting plate to your 75mm or 100 mm VESA-compatible monitor. Once that's done, you can easily attach your monitors without any tools, just by clipping them in.

  6. What if I don’t need a dual arm?

    No problem! We also offer a Zilker Single Monitor Arm, which has the same features as the dual, but was designed for a single monitor.



Available in Black, White, Gray and Industrial Style

Zilker Dual Monitor Arms

Laptop Mount

Elevate and secure your laptop with the UPLIFT Laptop Mount for Monitor Arms and see what better ergonomics can do for your work style.


  1. Universal 75 mm and 100 mm VESA mounts attach to most monitor arms
  2. Designed to fit notebooks 10.1" to 17.3"

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