Zilker Single Monitor Arm by UPLIFT Desk

Adjust and move your monitor to a position that’s best for your eyes with the Zilker Single Monitor Arm

Inspired by Austin’s beautiful Zilker Park, which provides captivating views of the downtown skyline, UPLIFT Desk’s Zilker Single Monitor Arm was named after this iconic park for a reason. As our most aesthetically-pleasing monitor arm, the Zilker definitely lives up to its namesake. If you’re looking for an ergonomically-sound view at your desk with a monitor arm that will give your workspace a modern pop, you've come to the right place.

Gain control of your monitor’s viewing level with the easily-adjustable Zilker Single Monitor Arm. Place your screen at a more comfortable level that will help relieve any neck pain caused by working with a monitor that sits on your desk. Its effortless adjustments and rotation control make it simple to change positions throughout your workday. If you are in an office setting with desks set up against walls or with back-to-back workstation layouts, the Zilker also comes with a rotation stop pin to avoid swiveling past the back edge of your desk. You also have the option to easily remove the pin for -360 degrees of swivel.

We've made installation a breeze, giving you two assembly options using either the clamp or bolt-through mounts. This monitor arm’s durable clamp mount installs on 0.75" - 3.75" thick desktops. You can also choose to use the optional bolt-through mounting kit to attach the monitor arm through drilled holes ranging from 0.4" - 3.15" in diameter and desks ranging from 0.6" - 2.13" thick. You can drill a hole anywhere on your desktop you’d like and then cover the hole with this attractive arm. Most people use the clamp mount, but our included bolt mount option provides you with ultimate flexibility in mounting.

Designed with integrated cable management, the Zilker also keeps your workspace neat and tidy with cords tucked away. Laptop users can add a Laptop Mount to elevate their screen to eye level, which helps ease pressure on your neck. Keep in mind that our team highly recommends an external ergonomic keyboard and mouse when using your laptop on the mount.

As you change positions throughout the day, the Zilker allows you to move your monitor accordingly. Adjustments are effortless, with tension control that can be fine-tuned to hold your monitor in just the right spot. You can even tilt your screen from -30 degrees to +30 degrees, letting you read your display from a whole new set of angles.


  • Designed to give you control over your monitor’s viewing level, allowing you to work at an ergonomically correct working height, angle, and distance
  • Sleek monitor arm can lift screens weighing 4.4 lb to 11 lb anywhere from 6.75" to 19" above desks using a spring mechanism for smooth travel (with a 12.25" range from the center of the VESA plate)
  • Sturdy clamp mount installs quickly on desktops ranging from 0.75" - 3.75" thick; also includes a bolt-through mounting kit for holes 0.4" - 3.15" in diameter and desks ranging from 0.6" - 2.13" thick
  • Use rotation stop pin to prevent arm from swiveling past the back edge of your desk, or remove the pin to let it rotate 360 degrees
  • Built-in cord management helps keep your desk clean and free of cables. Move monitor effortlessly and share your screen with coworkers
  • The included quick-release VESA mounting clip allows you to quickly add and replace monitors with ease
  • Four color options (black, white, gray and industrial style) allow you to match the finish of your UPLIFT Desk frame for a coordinated workspace
  • This accessory is also compatible with non-UPLIFT desks
  • Be sure to check that your monitor's weight is compatible with the arm's capabilities


Supports One 4.4 lb to 11 lb monitor
Height range (high, low) 6.75” - 19” H (measured from desk surface to center of VESA mount)
Vertical Articulation 12.25”
Forward Reach 21.7" (from back of clamp to front of VESA plate)
Side extension 17.75” (with monitor arm extended straight out to the left or right, measured from the center of post to center of VESA plate)
Collapsible Down to 3.6” (from back of clamp to front of VESA plate)
Arm pivot 360, 180 w/ limiter (arrives w/ limiting pin installed)
Monitor tilt range 60° (+30°/-30°)
Monitor pan range 180° (+/-90°) (Rotation can be more than 180 degrees depending on monitor size, the edge of larger monitors will hit the arm before smaller ones will.)
Monitor rotation 360° (portrait to landscape)
VESA compatibility 75mm and 100mm, quick-release
Mounts Clamp or Bolt-thru included
Deck thickness Clamp mount - .75” to 3.75” / Bolt-thru mount - .6" - 2.13"
Bolt-thru hole diameter 4’’ to 3.15’’
Available colors Black, Gray, Industrial Style, and White
Monitor arm weight 6 lb (clamp) / 4 lb 12 oz (bolt-through)
Warranty 15 year
Shipping dimensions 17.25" x 12" x 5.63", 8 lb 14 oz

Lady Bird Standing Desk Converter FAQs

  1. How can I find out what the right height and distance is for my monitor?

    Everyone's ideal ergonomic position is different, so we recommend you check out our Ergonomic Calculator to help determine the right height and depth for you.

  2. Will the Zilker Single Monitor Arm work if my monitor is heavier than 11 lb?

    Unfortunately, if your monitor is lighter than 4.4 lb or heavier than 11 lb, it will not work. If you have a heavier monitor, you might want to try the Range Monitor Arm that holds up to 17.5 lb.

  3. Why should I purchase this arm over the Range Monitor Arm?

    Both monitor arms are good choices, it just depends on your own practical and stylistic needs. The Zilker is hands down UPLIFT Desk's most aesthetically-pleasing monitor arm. It is also ideal for single monitor setups and allows you to you adjust your screen from 6.75" - 19" high (from the center of the VESA plate), giving you a 12.25" range of adjustment. Keep in mind that taller monitors (or vertically-facing ones) will not allow the Zilker arm to reach its lowest available point of 6.88" above the desk. If specifications like these make sense for your space, and you desire a monitor arm with built-in wire management and rotation control, the Zilker makes the most sense.

  4. Help, I’m having issues with my monitor staying in place?

    You most likely just need to counterbalance the monitor arm by simply turning the tension control screw using the included Allen wrench.

  5. What is a “quick-release VESA mount?"

    This is what allows you to easily install and swap out monitors quickly. Once you install this component on your 75 mm or 100 mm VESA-compatible monitor, it’s fast and easy to remove and add your monitor without any tools.

  6. What if I want to mount two monitors?

    Easy! The Zilker Dual Monitor Arm is perfect for mounting two monitors and it works with the same features.



Available in Black, White, Gray and Industrial Style

UPLIFT Track Spacer

Laptop Mount

Elevate and secure your laptop with the UPLIFT Laptop Mount for Monitor Arms and see what better ergonomics can do for your work style.


  1. Universal 75 mm and 100 mm VESA mounts attach to most monitor arms
  2. Designed to fit notebooks 10.1" to 17.3"

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