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Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Small Right Hand Wired Mouse VM4S

item#: PRS106

The Smaller sized version Evoluent mouse called the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Small Right Hand Wired Mouse VM4S offers a unique, patented shape that supports your hand in a relaxed handshake position and eliminates forearm twisting that most mice cause. Now 10% smaller than previous models of the Evoluent Vertical Mouse, this mouse works great for those with smaller hands. You will quickly become accustomed to the improved comfort; the grip is the same as an ordinary mouse, just turned sideways. There are also other Evoluent Vertical Mice models available:

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The Smaller sized version Evoluent mouse called the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Small Right Hand Wired Mouse VM4S offers new features that add to the popular Evoluent vertical mouse design. Evoluent Vertical Mice VM4S now include a more contoured shape to better fit users' hands, the option to change cursor speed without changing your grip on the mouse, and a sleep mode to conserve notebook battery power.

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is by and far our best selling mouse and represents an excellent value. For starters, it is the only approved ergonomic mouse of University of California at Berkeley. The Evoluent Vertical Mouse 2 was evaluated in 2007 by a team at the health services clinic in UC Berkeley, including medical doctors, physical therapists, ergonomists, and administrators. It was found to be comfortable and easily adapted to, and the Evoluent Vertical Mice promote a neutral wrist and forearm posture. It is the only vertical type mouse approved for staff use within UC Berkeley and for sale in the campus store.

Features - Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Small Right Hand Wired Mouse VM4S

  • Six programmable buttons give users more versatility for personalized mouse functions
  • Pointer speed buttons now located on the side allow convenient adjustment without ever changing your grip on the mouse - up to 4 speeds
  • 10% smaller than previous models of the Evoluent Vertical Mouse, making it a great fit for those with smaller hands; design is also more comfortable & carefully sculpted for uncompromising comfort
  • Larger flange for your pinky to rest and relax on while mousing
  • Updated internal software technology comes standard in new version
  • Evoluent Mouse 4 is made from 30% recycled plastic
  • Illuminated features turn off to indicate when the mouse is in sleep mode
Resolution Variable, from 800 to 2600 DPI
Dimensions 3 3/8" W x 4 1/8" D x 3" H
Compatability Windows XP, Vista, Win 7 and 8
Mac OS-X or newer
Sensor Infrared
Connectivity USB
Warranty 2 years

The Human Solution requested that the creator of the Evoluent Vertical Mouse give us his perspective. We met up with him at the the 2008 National Ergonomics Conference and Exposition in Las Vegas and filmed this live. This video review will show you the Evoluent Vertical Mouse 3 in action, and its innovative design is explained by the man who designed the mouse. Enjoy.

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse features six easily programmable buttons which can function differently in different programs. For example, you can program the same button to mean "double click" in one program and "back" in another.

The vertical mouse is sized to fit most people comfortably; your thumb opposes your finger action so the mouse doesn't move sideways when you click the buttons.

The Evoluent Vertical Mouse is designed to encourage an arm neutral position, much like a handshake. Many users find this completely eliminates their wrist pain.

By comparison, an ordinary mouse twists your forearm into an unnatural and uncomfortable position- especially if you spend long hours at a computer. A small lip on the VM4R keeps your little finger from dragging on the mousing surface.

Evoluent Vertical Mouse VM3 and VM4

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

Simply put- when users try this mouse, they love it. We have sold this mouse for years, and no other ergonomic mouse or input device has had nearly the positive consumer reaction this mouse has had. Over half of our staff uses this mouse for four main reasons: it is easy to use, feels good in your hand, works well, and helps reduce fatigue and pain in the wrist and hand. When a customer calls and asks for an ergonomic mouse they can try, I show them the Evoluent. We often recommend the Evoluent mouse in combination with the pronation-reducing Goldtouch or Kinesis keyboards as an excellent ergonomic keyboard and mouse combination.

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Customer Reviews

Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Small Right Hand Wired Mouse VM4S
5 Stars based on 12 Review(s)
Banker Mark
Chico, CA
5 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

No more elbow pain
February 15, 2015
Using a standard mouse for 20 years, the muscle near the elbow of my lower arm ached after each day of work. After switching to this mouse, the pain is now gone. My employer paid for one and I bought another for home.
Simple, easy, comfortable
Brand lighting draws power even when computer is off. They went overboard on the branding.

5 Stars

At last I have found you!!!!
August 6, 2013
I have been looking for this mouse for almost two years. I was lucky enough to work for a large oil company as a buisness partner contractor, These Ergo evaluations were done often. Not only ergo evaluations, there are work pace breaks which allow you to just sit and do what the WPB displayed on your computor monitor. Bypassing this break would send an alarm up the chain and if this became a issue there were disiplines for this. While part of this company. I not only learned why it was so imortant I became a firm believer in Ergonomic Evaluations and Work paced breaks. Near the end of my life with this company, I was evaluated and offered a ergo mouse just like the one above. I thought wow they make anything, it looked crazy to me... it wasnt two days later and I thank god they do because this is the only mouse that I can use everyday 10 hrs a day and not feel the pain that I feel from every other mouse I have found. I ended up setteling for Performance Mouse MX, nice and pricy and it helped but there is nothing for me like the Evoluent vertical mouse. So thank you I am excited to get mine. cross my heart this story is true.

5 Stars

Loading zoomEvoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Small Right Hand Wired Mouse VM4SLoading zoomEvoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Small Right Hand Wired Mouse VM4SLoading zoomEvoluent Vertical Mouse 4: Small Right Hand Wired Mouse VM4SLoading zoomEvoluent Vertical Mouse 4:
April 22, 2013
I have problems with my hands and this mouse is a wonderful solution!

5 Stars

Mouse made a huge difference!
April 22, 2013
In addition to getting the vertical mouse, I ordered an ergo keyboard from Kinesis and my discomfort went away. Just by changing the position of my wrist when holding the mouse and typing made a huge difference. The combination of both worked for me. I would definitely recommended the vertical mouse. It is worth the price to prevent future injury and since I type for a living, it is worth the investment.

5 Stars

Works great!
March 27, 2013
This ergonomic vertical mouse has made my right hand feel so much better. I was getting tension and soreness in my right thumb pad from the old mouse upon repetitive clicking or holding the thumb down. This vertical mouse relieves the thumb pressure on those movements and is much more comfortable and in a natural position. It took a few weeks for relief to show, but things are much better now. Thanks!

5 Stars

Changing Over Was So Easy
March 25, 2013
I really like my new vertical mouse. It was so easy to make the transition from a regular mouse. My wrist, arm and hand definitely feel much better. We purchased my boss the larger-sized wireless mouse. The only improvement I could make to the smaller mouse is to have it available as wireless also. That would make it perfect. Thank you.

5 Stars

Saved My Career!
March 7, 2013
I'm at a keyboard for at least twelve hours a day, and had begun to suffer severe pain in my elbow and lower arm. I began to worry that I would have to stop working with computers and change careers. When I changed out to the Evoluent Vertical Mouse, my pain was immediately diminished and within a month was gone completely, while I was still working the entire time! Even if you don't suffer any pain, I can't recommend this mouse highly enough.

5 Stars

Evoluent Vertical Mouse Small
October 29, 2012
I"m really enjoying the Evoluent Mouse! It has helped my wrist pain tremendously. Took about a week to get used to. Can't wait for for a wireless version of the small to pack with my laptop. Human Solutions quickly responded to a question I had before making the purchase.

4 Stars

Evoluent Verticl Mouse 4 Small
October 28, 2012
I really like this mouse, the arm position is perfect, no more nerve pain in my arm and wrist. I don't program it, just use top and bottom buttons and the wheel. I hesitated to try this mouse (used a roller ball mouse for years) thinking that my arm pain would not improve because you still need to move the mouse around for the arrow position. But this mouse together with Evoluent's Mouse Friendly Keyboard = no pain anymore! My only suggestion is to add a roller ball at thumb position.

Lois V
5 Stars

Evoluent Vertical Mouse, small
March 4, 2012
The most ergonomic mouse I've ever owned. It has enabled me to work again. I bought one for home while on worker's comp for CTS and liked it so well I bought another for work when I returned.

Stacy Tyler
5 Stars

Evoluent Vertical Mouse 4 Small: VM4S Right Hand Wired Mouse
February 22, 2012
Love it - has reduced wrist strain and I like the option for the "break" reminder. This is the second Evoluent Mouse I have purchased - Used the first one for so long I wore it out! I like the smaller size option as well.

Kara @ THS
5 Stars

Small Evoluent Mouse Review
March 10, 2011
I've been using the Evoluent mouse here for 3 years and love it, but wanted to try out the new smaller version since I have small hands (from tip of middle finger to end of palm = 6.75"). I really like it so far. The programmed buttons are a little different. There's left click on top, scroll lock in the center, and right click on the bottom. The backwards button moved to above the thumb, and I'm still figuring out the rest :) All in all - still a great product I don't hesitate to recommend!