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Health Postures Executive Computer TaskMate 6100

item#: HPS100

The Health Postures Executive Computer TaskMate 6100 instantly transforms your desk into a sit-to-stand height-adjustable ergonomic workstation. Computer TaskMates are designed to fit on your desktop, and they adjust vertically with the push of a single button. The Executive Computer Taskmate system includes a keyboard tray, adjustable keyboard tray mechanism, two copy holders, and an extended tabletop for your monitor. View the Taskmate 6200 for a Taskmate with a non-swiveling mouse tray and the option to add a monitor arm or a dual monitor and laptop arm.

Stuck in a cube with a fixed height desk? Our Certified Professional Ergonomist recommends adding a small electric height adjustable desk that can easily fit in your cube space as the best solution. Use the optional monitor arm to set up your ideal standing desk. It's more stable and puts the monitor at a better distance from your eyes than a set-up you place on your existing desk, and it keeps your desk space free.

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Easily change any desk or office into a sit-to-stand workstation with the Health Postures Executive Computer TaskMate 6100. The unique Taskmate system allows users to take advantage of the benefits of a sit-to-stand workstation without having to purchase an adjustable-height desk. Simply place the Taskmate 6100 on your current desk. With the push of a button, the Taskmate will lift your monitor, keyboard and mouse up to a standing position with its adjustable-height base, keyboard tray and mouse platform. Users can start burning calories, improving blood flow, increasing productivity and feeling more alert with the Taskmate's easy-to-use adjustable-height functionality.

Features - Health Postures Executive Computer TaskMate 6100

  • System fits on top of desk to create an instant sit-to-stand workstation
  • Taskmate moves from sit to stand position with electronic one-push button control quickly and quietly
  • 30" x 14" Taskmate tabletop is wide enough to fit most computer monitors
  • Includes two 8" x 10" copy holders for documents
  • Adjustable keyboard tray with mechanism fits most keyboards and offers built-in mouse platform
  • Sturdy steel frame keeps workstation elements stable

Health Postures Executive Computer TaskMate 6100 Specifications

Tabletop dimensions 30" W x 14" D
Height travel 5.5" - 18" H
Unit weight 50 lbs
Warranty 18 months from date of shipment

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

The Health Postures Executive Computer TaskMate 6100 alllows you to easily transform your desk or table into a sit-to-stand ergonomic height-adjustable workstation. The benefits of a height-adjustable workstation cannot be overstated; easily switching from a seated to a standing work position helps you avoid sitting fatigue and repetitive stress pain. It also helps increase alertness and productivity. The TaskMate 6100 packages a keyboard tray, adjustable keyboard mechanism, monitor stand and two copy holders for complete ergonomic efficiency.

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Health Postures Executive Computer TaskMate 6100