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Knoll Salsa Sofa

item#: KNL166

The Knoll Salsa Sofa is a lively lounge offering, designed by Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat. Customize this accented, wood-framed sofa in your choice of Knoll Textile or Spinneybeck leather. The versatile Knoll Salsa Sofas offer many looks for many rooms, from playful to dramatic depending on which options you choose.

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Frame finish - Knoll Salsa Sofa

The Knoll Salsa Sofa is available in your choice of wooden frame finishes.

Look at the veneers!

Grommets - Knoll Salsa Sofa

The Knoll Salsa Sofa can be ordered with or without optional side or back shelves. If you plan on ordering the Sofa with either of these shelving options, please be sure to select this option as the grommets must be added during assembly.

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Arm shelf - Knoll Salsa Sofa

The Knoll Salsa Sofa is available with optional arm shelves. Arm shelves are placed on either side of the Sofa.

Width 30 1/8'' W
Depth 8'' D
Height 1 1/4'' W

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Back shelf - Knoll Salsa Sofa

The Knoll Salsa Sofa is available with optional back shelves. Back shelves are available as a full or partial width option and are placed on the back side of the Sofa.

Partial Width Back Shelf

Width 96 1/4'' W
Depth 8'' D
Height 1 1/4'' H

Full Width Back Shelf

Width 104 1/4'' W
Depth 8'' D
Height 1 1/4'' H

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Leg finish - Knoll Salsa Sofa

The Knoll Salsa Sofa is available in your choice of leg finishes.

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Fabric - Knoll Salsa Sofa

The Knoll Salsa Sofa is available in your choice of Knoll Textile or Spinneybeck leather options.

Fabric - Grade 1


Mariner textiles offer a low-cost, robust fabric option available in your choice of bold colors. Weave structure gives it good depth and texture, suited for home or office seating.

Knoll Mariner fabrics


Presto is a mildly textured crepe polyester fabric option, with fresh, unobtrusive color options.

Knoll Presto fabrics


Woven from 100% recycled polyester, post-consumer and post-industrial, Alignment textiles offers an environmentally viable, heavy-duty fabric choice that is durable and easy to clean.

Knoll Alignment fabrics

Common Ground

Common Ground is one of the most resilient fabrics in the Knoll Textile catalog. Made with a tight grid weave to repel soiling and staining, we recommend it for highly trafficked areas.

Knoll Common Ground fabrics

Fabric - Grade 2

Bank Shot

A classic wool billiard cloth available in unassuming tones, Bank Shot gives your upholstery a timeless look and a cozy feel.

Knoll Bank Shot fabrics

Field Day

Field Day uses boucle and chenile yarns for a textured look and soft hand. Choose from a diverse color palette.

Knoll Field Day fabrics


Get the best of all worlds with this fabric. Vibrant, made from 80% recycled polyester, and resistant to wear, Ricochet makes a practical and attractive choice for upholstery.

Knoll Ricochet fabrics

Knoll Vinyl

Knoll Vinyl features a real vinyl face, with cotton and polyester backing. Choose from a selection of neutrals and bright primary colors.

Knoll Vinyl fabrics

Classic Boucle

Calling to mind a long tradition of hand-woven upholstery textiles, with its rich, nubby texture, Classic Boucle, with choices such as Aegean and Cayenne, gives a bold kick of color to any upholstery.

Knoll Classic Boucle fabrics

Fabric - Grade 3


Japanese-made Transition textiles were originally designed for wall coverings, but have been modified for upholstery. Enjoy this textured polyester fabric in a variety of easy to look at color options.

Knoll Transition fabrics


Circa textiles represent a return to clean, saturated color. This plush solid fabric with its blend of polyester, cotton and viscose was dreamed up in Italy.

Knoll Circa fabrics

Fabric - Grade 4


Featuring small planets (or satellites) of color set against a solid background, made with a blend of polyester and rayon, Satellite fabrics offer good resilience and add a quirky look to upholstery.

Knoll Satellite fabrics


Cavalier textiles, inspired by men's fashion from the 1960s, is a 100% wool sateen available in a host of stark color options.

Knoll Cavalier fabrics


A deceptively simple three-color geometric weave, Harrison is available in a number of fashionable textile options. Made in the United Kingdom.

Knoll Harrison fabrics

Fabric - Grade 5

Cuddle Cloth

Cuddle Cloth is a rarity in textile circles: a plush hand and warm texture, almost blanket-like. Borrowing the idea of heathered boucle yarn from the apparel industry, this is a light to medium duty fabric made with rayon, wool, cotton and nylon.

Knoll Cuddle Cloth fabrics

Fabric - Grade 6


A reversible plush made from polyester boucle and acrylic chenille yarn, Haze has been cross-dyed to create its distinctively beautiful "hazy" aesthetic.

Knoll Haze fabrics


UltraSuede represents the premier microfiber in the marketplace. It looks great and offers heavy-duty resilience.

Knoll UltraSuede fabrics

Fabric - Grade 7


Reminiscent of classic Knoll Textiles, Arno is comprised of two colors of specially twisted wool yarn, set in a simple weave to create a unique grid pattern. Made from wool and nylon.

Knoll Arno fabrics

Fabric - Grade 8


Cato textiles, with its exaggerated weave texture, recalls traditional hand weaving methods. Iconic in textile circles, Cato is made from a blend of 86% wool and 14% rayon.

Knoll Cato fabrics

Knoll Velvet

George Costanza said he wished it was socially acceptable to drape yourself in velvet. Well, here's your chance. Enjoy this extensive line of Knoll Velvet textile options.

Knoll Velvet fabrics

Leather - Grade 1

Volo Leather

Finished cowhide, corrected grain and raised texture

Knoll Volo leathers

Leather - Grade 2

Acqua Leather

Water-repellent finished cowhide, corrected grain, slightly raised texture

Knoll Acqua leathers

Espana Leather

Smooth, tight grain cowhide, breathable, protective finish, enhanced grain

Knoll Espana leathers

Leather - Grade 3

Sabrina Leather

Smooth, tight and full grain cowhide with a breathable protective finish

Knoll Sabrina leathers

Leather - Grade 4

Ducale Leather

Embossed shrunken grain cowhide with protective finish, full grain

Knoll Ducale leathers

Leather - Grade 5

Marissa Leather

Grain-sueded cowhide, smooth suede grain with soil resistant treatment

Knoll Marissa leathers

Prima Leather

Full aniline, special oils provide a very elegant and supple hand

Knoll Prima leathers

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Side cushions - Knoll Salsa Sofa

The Knoll Salsa Sofa is available with or without side cushions. We recommend adding the side cushions, as they make for a significantly more comfortable chair. Side cushions can be ordered in wide or narrow thicknesses.

Narrow Side Cushion

Width 3'' W
Depth 21'' D
Height 9'' H

Wide Side Cushion

Width 6'' W
Depth 21'' D
Height 9'' H

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Pep up your home or office with the Knoll Salsa Sofa. This whimsical sofa can be customized to fit a variety of aesthetics. The Knoll Salsa Sofas are not only playful but practical and can be ordered with optional side or back-mounted shelves.

Features - Knoll Salsa Sofa

  • Comfortable and decorative lounge seating can be ordered with or without optional shelving attachments
  • Designed by Peter Stamberg and Paul Aferiat / Honorable mention, ID Design Review, 1995
  • Natural veneer over 1 1/4'' thick solid fiberboard core
  • 5'' thick polycore cushion fill with soft, double-wrapped quilted dacron enables a softer sit
  • Highly resilient Dymetrol seat suspension
  • Available in wide range of Knoll Textiles and Spinneybeck leathers
  • Greenguard certified

Knoll Salsa Sofa Specifications

Height 29'' H
Width 31'' W
Depth 30'' D

Disclaimer: We do not accept cancellations or order revisions for any Knoll items ordered. See Knoll's No Cancellations or Revisions Policy for details.

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

The Knoll Salsa Lounge Collection has a festive and worldly look, but it is the product of two designers born and raised in the United States. The domestic duo, Paul Aferiat and Peter Stamberg, honed their skills in the finest colleges and universities before going on to star in prestigious design firms.

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Our Price: $3,704.35
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