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Knoll Chairs

Featuring thoughtful design, comfort, and a wide selection of chairs to choose from, Knoll offers a full range of office and lounge seating solutions for nearly any application. Knoll goes beyond ergonomic considerations and designs chairs that look beautiful in your home or office, such as the award winning Life chair, the Chadwick, and the elegant Bertoia and Saarinen chairs.

Knoll also cares about the environment, designing chairs that meet sustainable standards for reducing environmental impact throughout the life cycle of the product.

Knoll Life Chair

Knoll Generation Chair

Knoll ReGeneration Chair

Knoll Chadwick Chair

Knoll Chadwick High Task Chair

Knoll Pollock Executive Chair

Knoll Saarinen Executive Conference Chair

Knoll Saarinen Executive Chair with Wood Legs

Knoll Saarinen Executive Chair with Tubular Legs

Knoll Saarinen Tulip Chair

Knoll Platner Arm Chair

Knoll Wassily Chair

Knoll Krusin Chair

Knoll Riart Rocker

Knoll Cesca Chair

Knoll Multigeneration Chair - Hybrid

Knoll Multigeneration Chair - Stacking

Knoll Shelton Mindel Side Chair - Fully Upholstered

Knoll Shelton Mindel Side Chair - Upholstered Seat

Knoll Gigi Swivel Chair

Knoll Gigi Stacking Chair

Knoll Chip Chair

Knoll Toledo Stacking Chair

Knoll Bertoia Side Chair

Knoll Cirene Stacking Chair

Knoll Flat Bar Brno Chair

Knoll Handkerchief Stacking Chair

Knoll Tubular Brno Chair

Knoll X3 Chair

Knoll X3 Barstool

Knoll MR Chair

Knoll Spark Series Chair

Knoll Spoleto Chair

Knoll Sprite Stacking Chair

Knoll Risom Side Chair

Knoll Maya Lin Stones Adult Seat

Knoll Maya Lin Stones Child Seat

Knoll MR Lounge Chair

Knoll Bertoia Diamond Lounge Chair with Seat Cushion

Knoll Bertoia Large Diamond Lounge Chair with Full Cover

Knoll Bertoia Bird Lounge Chair

Knoll Platner Lounge Chair

Knoll Barcelona Chair

Knoll Barcelona Child's Chair

Knoll Florence Lounge Chair

Knoll Salsa Lounge Chair

Knoll Saarinen Womb Chair

Knoll D'Urso Swivel Lounge Chair

Knoll D'Urso Contract Lounge Chair

Knoll D'Urso Residential Lounge Chair

Knoll Divina Lounge Chair

Knoll Suzanne Chair

Knoll Jehs+Laub Lounge Chair

Knoll Cini Boeri Lounge Chair

Knoll Pfister Lounge Chair

Knoll Pfister Petite Lounge Chair

Knoll SM1 Lounge Chair

Knoll SM2 Lounge Chair

Knoll Florence Sofa

Knoll Salsa Sofa

Knoll D'Urso Contract Small Sofa

Knoll D'Urso Residential Sofa

Knoll Florence Settee

Knoll Divina Settee

Knoll Divina Sofa

Knoll Suzanne Double Chair

Knoll Suzanne Settee

Knoll Cini Boeri Sofa

Knoll Pfister Sofa

Knoll Pfister Settee

Knoll SM1 Settee

Knoll SM1 Sofa

Knoll SM2 Settee

Knoll SM2 Sofa

Knoll Barcelona Couch

Knoll Florence Two Seat Bench

Knoll Bertoia Bench

Knoll D'Urso Contract Ottoman

Knoll D'Urso Residential Ottoman

Knoll Cini Boeri Ottoman

Knoll Pfister Ottoman