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Neutral Posture Fring - Base Mounted Foot Rest

item#: NPC300

The Neutral Posture Fring eliminates the problem of using the legs of your chair base as a foot rest by creating a platform so you can rest your legs comfortably. The Fring also improves support for your knees and allows your feet to be at a more comfortable, open angle than it would have if you rested them on the chair base itself. Note: this unit is attached to the chair base and can be ordered only with a Neutral Posture chair. If you wish to retrofit a chair you own, call us and order a new base with the Fring.


Neutral Posture Fring

The Fring by Neutral Posture was specifically engineered to correct lower leg and foot positioning issues that can compromise blood flow to your lower extremities. Ergonomists consistently recommend against pulling your legs under your chair and resting them on top of your chair base. This is not recommended because the foot to shin angle is less than 90 degrees which constricts blood flow. It also places pressure behind the knees. This can lead to fatigue and even varicose veins, especially in shorter people.

The Fring resolves these issues by creating a position that angles the footrest so your foot to ankle angle is wider and allows for adequate blood flow and removes the pressure behind the knee.

Fring Features:

  • 2" boost at front edge
  • 3" lift at back edge
  • Works with multiple shoe styles for both men and women
  • 33% glass filled nylon construction provides for durability
  • Massage bumps serve as both traction and for massaging the shoeless foot increasing circulation
  • Great for shorter statured people
Neutral Posture 8000 Ergonomic Chair
Original Price: $1,225.00
Our Price: $735.00
Neutral Posture NPS6000 Series High Back Ergonomic Chair
Original Price: $1,275.00
Our Price: $765.00
Neutral Posture NPS5000 Series Mid Back Ergonomic Chair
Original Price: $1,095.00
Our Price: $657.00

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Neutral Posture Fring - Base Mounted Foot Rest

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