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Penclic Mouse

item#: PRS100

The Penclic Mouse combines the design of a pen with the functionality of a high-precision computer mouse, offering a more efficient and comfortable mouse solution. The Penclic Mouse provides superior navigation and a natural, relaxed working position for your hand with its unique ergonomic pen-grip, helping to prevent wrist twisting, hand cramping and pain caused by most mice. The Penclic is a high-precision mouse, as the cursor feels like a natural extension of your fingertip and hand movements, allowing for a more advanced, efficient, and healthier user experience that helps increase productivity.

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The Penclic mouse is available in two different models: Wired and Wireless with a rechargeable battery.

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The Penclic Mouse was designed to offer the user a more relaxed and natural working posture while also providing a highly-precise cursor for a more efficient computer mousing experience. The Penclic, also referred to as the Pen Mouse, provides a healthier way to point and click with its innovative pen-grip design, which promotes natural finger and hand movements that will help ease forearm twisting and hand cramps. The Penclic pen-mouse also helps to counteract static tension in your shoulders, neck and arms, leading to a healthier way to work.

Featuring five buttons, a scroll wheel, and a laser sensor, the Penclic Mouse is attached to a wide base on which it swivels. It is designed to operate on almost any surface without the need for a mouse pad. The Penclic is a USB mouse that is compatible with Mac or PC and is available in a wired and a rechargeable wireless model.

Penclic Mouse Features

  • Unique pen-grip for more relaxed working position and advanced precision
  • Innovative design helps counteract static tension in arms, shoulders, and neck
  • Five buttons give users more versatility for efficient mouse functions
  • Scroll wheel sits on top of the base for convenient page scrolling
  • Switch bar resolution between 800-2400 DPI
  • Swivel base works on almost any flat surface and eliminates the need for a mouse pad
  • Compatible with PC or Mac
  • Available in two models: Wired [D2-2021] and Wireless [R2-2011] (wireless model includes rechargeable AAA battery)

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Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

The Penclic Mouse has received a ton of buzz lately, and it's all well-deserved. This is an innovative and unique mouse that looks and feels like a pen and offers comfort and precision that you cannot get from a more traditional computer mouse. Gripping the Penclic Mouse feels just like gripping a pen, which means it's more of a natural hand position for most people. The pen grip helps to relieve wrist twisting that can happen with other mice, and it even helps with arm and shoulder tension, especially for people who work at a computer for long hours throughout the day. Use it as your main mouse or as an alternative mousing solution. It's a pen-mouse hybrid!

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Customer Reviews

Penclic Mouse
5 Stars based on 1 Review(s)
Wayne Jacobs
5 Stars

Penclic, great but......
July 11, 2013
Okay, the Mouse is AWESOME.... take nothing away from the actual design and the relief my forearms feel on a daily basis. I cannot say enough about it, it is an amazing mouse. Also, its great fun watching people come to your desk to show you something and just plain freeze when you offer them the mouse to use, conversation turns to your mouse and not the issue they were bringing you... splendid work! However.....the design of the primary button (your left click) needs work. After 3 or 4 months my first one just stopped working, halfway through the day, pen in hand, one click works, next click..nothing. Sent it back to The Human Solutions team who replaced it, (awesome customer service by the way) and in the last 5 minutes exactly the same thing has occurred. I am not a heavy clicker, I take care of this conversation piece on my desk like it was a child of mine so I know with 100% certainty that I am not breaking the mouse. So, annoyed that I would be without it for another period of time (shipping from Aus to USA and back is lengthy) I decided to pop the cover off to see what the heck was going on. The contact mechanism (if you can call it that) is a small plastic disc that is glued (in a loose sense it would appear) to the underside of the cover, well, this has slipped so contact is not made rendering my left mouse click non-existent. I have popped it back into place and all is well again in the world. So, I do not advise potentially rendering your warranty invalid by taking apart goods purchased, however I used to be an electronics engineer so can handle a fiddley re-seat of the cover, its relatively simple but probably breakable. So the final conclusion... BUY THIS MOUSE, it does exactly what I wanted, relieved CTS symptoms and my forearm is better, my shoulders ache less and believe it or not I don't get as many frozen necks as I used to (could be the pen, could not) however, be prepared in a few months to discuss a replacement based on this simple flaw which is basically a glue issue in my case (twice I fear) OR, to pop the cover off, re-seat the little disc and your away again.

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