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Steelcase Amia Chair

item#: STC224

The Steelcase Amia Chair provides the same comfort and support of higher-end ergonomic office chairs at nearly half the price. Featuring a slim and simple design plus intuitive features and controls, the Amia Chair is remarkably easy to use. This award-winning Steelcase ergonomic chair fits a wide range of people, offering back and seat comfort to everyone from big and tall users to petite women. The Steelcase Amia Chair encourages good posture while offering freedom of movement and excellent full back support. This chair ships fully assembled and is backed by a manufacturer's warranty.

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The Steelcase Amia Chair is available with or without arms. We highly recommend Steelcase arms because they're some of the best on the market. The highly adjustable arms move in and out, forward and back, up and down and pivot, so you can find the exact position for optimal support and comfort.

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Frame Color

The Steelcase Amia chair is available in your choice of Black, Platinum, or Platinum with Merle frames, with or without a polished aluminum base.

Steelcase Amia Chair frame colors

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Base Color

Steelcase Amia Chair Base COlor Image

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Select hard casters for carpeted floors or soft casters for hard floors, including concrete and tile.

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Seat height

The Steelcase Amia Chair is available with a standard (seat height: 15 1/2'' - 20 1/2'') or tall (seat height: 17'' - 24'') cylinder.

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Steelcase Amia Chair Fabric Options

Cogent Connect

Cogent Connect fabric for Steelcase


Steelcase fabric options chainmail

Standard Leather

Steelcase leather upholstery options

Elmo Soft Leather

Steelcase elmo soft leather for Steelcase chairs

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Free Ergonomic Webinar

This chair purchase includes a free half-hour Online Ergonomic Training Webinar with an ergonomic pro. This webinar will help you learn how best to use ergonomic tools and make the right choices for your workstation. Anyone interested in building an ideal workspace for their own unique needs should take advantage of this offer. The webinar will cover valuable ergonomic essentials such as:

Free Webinar Training

  • Understanding the biomechanics of sitting
  • Setting up a workstation to maximize efficiency
  • Adjusting a chair and desk to promote neutral posture
  • Learning exercises to reduce stress and fatigue

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Steelcase Amia Chair - Same Day Ship
List Price: $1,003.00
Our Price: $739.00
Steelcase Leap Ergonomic Office Chair
List Price: $1,335.00
Our Price: $799.00
Steelcase Gesture Chair
List Price: $1,495.00
Our Price: $959.00
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The Steelcase Amia Chair is praised for offering hard to beat comfort and back support in a simple, efficient design. Featuring progressive LiveLumbar technology, the Amia chair's back design promotes a healthy posture by flexing with your movements. This popular, moderately-priced ergonomic chair also features an adjustable lumbar support pad, fully adjustable arms, intuitive seat depth adjustment, and supportive cushioning in the seat and back. These high-end ergonomic features will keep a wide range of users feeling healthy, comfortable and supported for several hours every day.

Features - Steelcase Amia Chair

  • LiveLumbar Support: The Amia Chair's LiveLumbar technology keeps your lower back healthy and supportive. This ergonomic feature encourages a healthy posture and combats back sag and lower back pain by flexing with your movements to provide all-day support. The Amia Chair also features an adjustable lumbar support pad, offering even more custom support for the important lower back region.
  • Simple but Effective Design: Steelcase has created a slim, unique and efficient ergonomic chair in the Steelcase Amia. The chair blends elegant, modern style with comfortable padding and advanced ergonomic features. Unlike many other ergonomic chairs, the Amia chair makes it easy to fit the chair to your body.
  • Adjustable Back Tension: The Steelcase Amia Chair makes it easy to adjust the resistance you feel as you lean the chair back, offering custom support and providing all-day comfort. The Amia is one of the easiest chairs to move from an upright position to a reclined position.
  • Adjustable Seat Depth: Customize the depth of the Amia Chair's seat for maximum comfort. This feature keeps the seat edge from hitting the back of your knees, eliminating discomfort and helping to ensure good blood flow.
  • Adjustable Arms: The Steelcase Amia's standard armrests are fully adjustable. You can easily raise or lower them, push them back and forth, move them in and out and even angle them for changing tasks.
  • Colorful Fabric and Leather Options: The Amia is available in several different fabric color or leather color options, offering a fully-customizable look.

Steelcase Amia Chair Specifications

Chair dimensions 26.625" W x 37.5" to 42.5" H
Seat dimensions 19.325" W x 15.5" to 18.5" D
Seat height 16" to 21" H
Back dimensions 18.875" W x 25" H
Arm width 15-19.5" inside width adjustment range
Weight limit 300 lbs

See this product in action

amia chair image

The Amia Chair Goes Green

The Steelcase Amia Chair can help you qualify for extra LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits. The Amia is 97% recyclable by weight and constructed with up to 30% recycled material. The Amia has earned the Silver Cradle to Cradle certification and the SCS Indoor Advantage designation for indoor air quality.

Ergonomic Adjustments

Video Review - Steelcase Amia Chair

Check out our video review of the Steelcase Amia chair below.

Professor Ergo's Thoughts:

The Steelcase Amia Chair offers many ergonomic features available in higher-priced office chairs. When put up against other high-end ergonomic chairs in our office, the Amia Chair remains a top pick for those seeking a very comfortable, supportive but amazingly easy to adjust office chair. The Amia is a tough chair that provides ergonomic seating to users weighing up to 300 lbs. The award winning Amia Chair is praised for its superior comfort, efficient design, and intuitive features.

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Customer Reviews

Steelcase Amia Chair
4.5 Stars based on 15 Review(s)
5 Stars

Awesome Chair!
August 14, 2014
I LOVE THIS CHAIR! I work from home and had been using a mid-level office chair from Staples. I was always reluctant to spend the money on a true ergonomic chair. I finally pulled the trigger and I am so glad that I did. You definitely get what you pay for. This Amia chair is awesome and I wish I would have bought it sooner. I am comfortable and definitely seated in a better position at my desk.

5 Stars

First chair in my life that is this comfortable for me
April 28, 2014
I am petite and in my late 60's. How I wish I had come across this Amia chair before! There are no words to express the comfort this chair has provided for me since I bought it. I highly recommend it. Great company to work with too, when I called they were very helpful.

5 Stars

Steelcase Amia Chair
February 24, 2014
I am loving this chair. I am in my chair 75% of the day. The other staff members are hoping to get new chairs now that this one has arrived. I find I still need a footrest in order to get in to a good ergonomic position with my desk, chair and floor. I love the back position, the arm position and the seat. So excited I didn't have to put it together as well! I am very happy with this purchase.

Petite Person
3 Stars

not small enough for the very small under 5' tall person
February 7, 2013
I am very disappointed in the seat depth and chair height adjustment--I am 4'10" and have chronic low back issues from sitting in chairs that are too big for me, which is why I ordered this chair. I can't put my feet flat on the ground. Same problem with the seat depth. The lumbar adjustable feature in the back is nice, which is why I give this 3 stars, but overall I would NOT recommend this for anyone my height, particularly if you have lumbar issues.

4 Stars

Steelcase Amia Chair
October 7, 2012
The padding on the seat is not good enough if you plan to sit for hours straight. But they say it is not healthy to sit for hours straight, so maybe that's a good thing. Overall I give it four out of five stars for comfort.

5 Stars

Total Lifechanger.
September 8, 2011
I have suffered from lower back and sciatic nerve issues for years. I was to the point where I was taking vicodin for a while to see if that'd help. At the same time I started researching new office chairs, and I came across the usual suspects (Herman Miller, Steelcase, Humanscale). I was lucky to be able to test-lounge on both the Leap and Amia at a just-opened showroom in my area. I can agree with some other reviewers that have said the Amia is just a tad more comfortable than the Leap. Sure, the Amia's back isn't as flexible, but I do not notice any ill-effects from this. I negotiated a great price during an Amia sale and I couldn't be happier with the result. For those of you who have back issues and previously wouldn't have thought of spending $500+ on an office chair... I was like you. But I can tell you, it's the best investment I've ever made. I don't have back or nerve issues anymore and my posture is 10 times better now, even when I am sitting somewhere other than my Amia. You won't be disappointed with this chair.

5 Stars

Great chair.
June 29, 2011
This chair is turning out to be a very good investment for me. It is very comfortable, has good adjustability and arrived completely assembled. Anybody who spends at least a couple hours a day (probably most of us) sitting in their chair, should look into getting a nice ergonomic chair such as this. I'm certainly glad I did, and so are my back and legs. The options for this chair made available from the human solution allow you to fit this chair to your style preferences and/or surroundings. Most people don't mention one of the best things about it... Made in the U.S.

3 Stars

May 4, 2011
Idon't think this is the best chair for a very petite person but its definately way better than my other chair.

5 Stars

Highly recommended!
April 20, 2011
In spite of its modest price, this chair has every conceivable adjustment: seat height and depth, arm width and height, lumbar adjustment, and tension on the back. The materials used in its manufacture such as the fabric on the seat and back, and the metal and plastic in the frame and base are of high quality. The chair is quite sturdy and suitable for any size person, large or small. If adjusted properly, it will improve your office posture. I'm very happy with this chair - no regrets here.

Adam S
4 Stars

Excellent chair; may not be the best for mid-back issues
March 25, 2011
After doing research on this site and others and trying out several chairs in shops, I narrowed my selection to the Steelcase Leap and Amia. I ended up picking the Amia because it seemed like the best value for money. It's a high quality, comfortable chair with good features. I have a friend who has one and loves it, and the Amia will be a great choice for many people. Unfortunately though after using it daily for 2 months, the Amia is not working out well for me personally. I have trouble with my mid-back, and while the Amia provides excellent lumbar support, I find it irritates my mid-back more than my former, inexpensive office chair did. This is likely due to my specific mid-back issues, so others may not have any trouble. But since I work on the computer all day it's a big problem for me. When I slide my hand across the back of the chair the padding sort of dips in the mid-back area. I'm looking for some kind of pillow to provide additional midback support, but I may end up having to buy a different chair.

5 Stars

Game changer
November 11, 2010
I didn't really think I would care much about the supposed best feature of this chair, which is the flexibility of positions that the arms offer. Well, the hype is grounded. These arms add so much to the comfort level. I bought it mainly for lumbar support, which is definitely quite good, but I came to write about the arms. BTW the chair came in an enormous box that would not fit through most doorways and the good natured fedex man had a laugh watching me take the chair out of the box before bringing it inside. It was conveniently completely pre-assembled though. Oh, those arrmmms...

5 Stars

Perfect for Petites!
September 20, 2010
After freelancing in front of a computer for thirteen years as a writer and manuscript editor, I finally broke down and got a chair that would provide proper support. I have suffered from neck, shoulder, and back problems because of countless hours sitting in a cheap office chair. I've only had the Steelcase Amia for 48 hours and I can already tell a difference. It's perfect for me because I am 4'11" and just over 100 lbs. Amia's adjustability makes this chair feel custom made for me. I love it.

5 Stars

Living in my chair
April 28, 2009
I bought the Amia chair because the nice lady at thehumansolution said that it would address the physical pain I was enduring from spending long hours in a cheap chair from Office Depot. She was right. I live in this chair, hours and hours, days on end. and I feel just as good after many hours as when I first sat down in the morning. You've already read about all the little features and I will attest, all that is true. AND this chair is not only comfortable but quite elegant in appearance. After a month in the Amia chair, I can honestly tell you that this is a lovely, comfortable, adaptable, spiffy little chair and worth every dime. From the first moment this chair rolled out of the (well-packed) box, I never looked back. Buy it. You'll be glad.

5 Stars

Me and My Amia
April 9, 2009
I must admit, I really wanted a Leap chair as I had one at my previous job but I just couldn't afford it. When I called the sales rep suggested the Amia and said I might even like it more than the Leap. Still, I was a tad disappointed when I placed my order. Well I've had my Amia for 2 weeks now and I'm so very happy Kara talked me into this chair because she was so right! I truly love this chair! It is comfortable, even when I sit all day. I highly recommend anyone looking for a comfortable chair to check out the Amia. This is very definitely a comfortable chair and an amazing value given it's a lot cheaper than the Leap. Thank you again.

5 Stars

Great back support
January 16, 2009
I am very pleased with my new Amia chair. It gives wonderful back support, rolls very easily, and looks great by my desk as well.