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Task Light

The Humanscale Element 790 LED Light is a stylish and functional option to light your workstation. Click for details!

Ergonomic task lights provide superior, focused illumination to improve any workstation or hospitality environment. A good task light will reduce eye strain and can help you save money by conserving energy. The best task lighting solution will be highly adjustable and accessible but also discreet and stylish. Choosing the right task light can be just as important as finding the right chair or desk.

Most of our featured and most highly recommended task lights feature LED technology, which light more brightly than flourescent or incandescent bulbs, while lasting longer and consuming less power. The Humanscale Element 790 LED Light draws less than seven watts of power, but shines as brightly as a 70-watt bulb.


The Benefits of Ergonomic Task Lights

No ergonomic workstation is complete without proper task lighting. That's why we recommend LED task lamps over incandescent or fluorescent desk lights. LED task lamps are brighter, more energy efficient, and they last longer than fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. Read more about ergonomic LED lights in our blog series:

The Benefits of Ergonomc LED Task Lighting

LED Lights Have a Long Life

LED Lights Are Energy-Efficient

LED Lights Shine Bright and Last Long

LED Lights Create Little to No Flickering