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Humanscale Diffrient II Task Light

item#: HUS037

The Humanscale Diffrient II Task Light offers a sleek, asymmetrical shade design that features the latest ballast-in-bulb technology; this innovation maximizes the efficiency of compact fluorescent bulbs while providing a long-lasting, pure white light. The double arm model features the longest reach on the market. Perfectly counterbalanced, the Diffrient II adjusts with the touch of a finger. Scroll down for more Diffrient Task Lamp features and specifications.

This item has been discontinued.
The UPLIFT Desk LED Task Light is a great replacement.

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Arm - Humanscale Diffrient II Task Light

The lamp may be ordered with a single arm or a jointed double arm. It is currently only available in black.

Humanscale Diffrient II Task Light arm options

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Mount - Humanscale Diffrient II Task Light

Choose from a wall mount or one of these five other mounting options. These lamps are currently only available in black.

Mounting options for the Humanscale Diffrient lights

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Researchers at Cornell University find eyestrain as the top health-related complaint among office workers. High quality task lighting such as the Diffrient II allows the user to apply the correct amount of light for the task at hand, reducing eyestrain, fatigue and other vision related problems. The Diffrient is also allows for lower ambient lighting and high energy efficiency.

The Humanscale Diffrient II Task Lamp Features

  • Perfect internal counterbalance creates a feather-light movement and one-touch positioning that is free of friction knobs or rigid joints
  • 180° horizontal and 220° vertical shade adjustability and 360° base rotation for infinite adjustment capabilities
  • Two-pin, slim style bulbs are 50-100% more energy-efficient than current generation LEDs and 300-400% more efficient than incandescent bulbs
  • 90% recycled and recyclable materials - constructed of 100% recycled and recyclable aluminum
  • Reinforced plastic reflector shade cuts glare and stays cool
  • 5 year warranty


Feature Specification
Vertical reach 14" range - 3.5-17.5" H
Horizontal reach 42" double arm
Color temperature 3500 K
Hour life 10,000 hours
Power usage 18 watts equivalent to 75 watt incandescent bulb

Humanscale Diffrient II Task Lamp

Environmentally Friendly

Compact fluorescent bulbs use 25% of the energy of comparable incandescent lighting while giving off 75% less heat. In addition, this lamp is constructed primarily of 100% recycled aluminum, which means it is also recyclable. This lamp is eligible for LEED credits (see LEED credit information).

Customer Reviews

Humanscale Diffrient II Task Light
4.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
JP Diels
4 Stars

Diffrient II Task Light
November 23, 2012
Have had this light for a month or so and I'm very pleased with it. The illumination is clear but gentle. The arm structure is such that it is quite easy to adjust in almost endless directions. Last but not least, it is quite attractive. Glad with this purchase.

Scott Corbett
5 Stars

Love this lamp
November 5, 2009
Somehow, my eyes need more light these days in order to read small print. I started to find errors in my accounting and so searched for a desk lamp. I must say this has great function for lighting the papers on my desk without putting glare on the computer screen or in my eyes. The shade is just the right shape to put the light down over a fairly wide area (covers keyboard, papers, phone. It's easy to read a book) and there is no glare. The light is pretty neutral color and not too harsh for a florescent bulb. The design is engineered quite well, but I would say at this price point that there is a bit of a cheap feel to some of the plastic bits. The color match and finish between the black bars and the plastic that it goes into is not as aesthetically pleasing as some German lamps I've seen. But because it works so well compared to the halogen and incandescent lamps I've been using, I say it's not that big of a deal. Having the switch mounted on the lamp-head is a stroke of genius - one of those things that is so handy I can't believe more lamps don't have it. Bottom line - if you need a lamp to light up your work in an environment where the overhead lamps don't cut it, this one is excellent.

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