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Black Step fabric & natural base finish

Varier Move Standing Stool

item#: VAR953

The Varier Move standing stool encourages movement through active sitting. This ergonomic stool's unique half standing, half sitting position combines with its convex base, allowing users to shift position on one dynamic point of support. The Move stool follows users around a full 360° range of motion, encouraging movement while reducing tension and giving complete freedom to concentrate on the task at hand. The Move chair is perfect for architects, designers and other workers who are often standing, but the Varier Move is equally appropriate for home uses such as sitting at a breakfast bar. Scroll down to see more Varier Move standing stool features and specifications.

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Each Varier chair is built with wood which is both handsome and strong. It comes in a natural finish.

Varier Base Finish colors

Varier's "Step" fabrics come in bold colors, and have a high-wear resistance.

Varier Fame Upholstery

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Rubber Base Cap

The rubber base cap protects hardwood and other hard floor surfaces when using the Move stool.

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The UPLIFT Notebook and Tablet Stand will come in handy not only when you're traveling, but anytime you want to set your laptop or tablet in an ergonomic position. Choose from seven different height settings to keep your screen at eye-level, which helps you avoid problems like eye strain and neck and back pain. This item also works well as a document holder, allowing you to input data without having to move your neck repeatedly from document to screen. The stand is lightweight, easily portable, and best of all, it's free!

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The Varier Move Stool immediately improves posture and emotional well being, making it a great option for people who need sensory stimulation in order to focus. Not only does this Varier stool finds the perfect balance of stability and movement, but it's also a lot of fun to use!

Varier also offers the Move Small, a stool with a small seat and a shorter cylinder, great for children aged seven and up. In fact, occupational therapists, coaches and educators recommend it for children with autism, ADHD, sensory processing disorder and other sensory-related conditions.

Features - Varier Move Standing Stool

  • Standing support that allows a full 360° range of motion
  • Light weight for easy mobility
  • Comfortable saddle seat is made with polyurethane foam
  • Adjustable gas lift
  • Encourages dynamic and active sitting positions, which in turn maximizes comfort and well-being while seated
  • Warranty: 7 year guarantee on all wooden parts, 5 years on mechanical parts, 3 year guarantee on upholstery and foam

Technical Specifications

Seat height 22.05" - 32.28"
Seat size 15"
Weight limit 250 lbs

Video Review - Varier Move Standing Stool

Check out our video review of the Varier Move Standing Stool below.

Video - Assembling a Varier Move Stool

Check out the video below for a step-by-step tutorial on assembling a Varier Move Stool.

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Customer Reviews

Varier Move Standing Stool
4.5 Stars based on 3 Review(s)
5 Stars

Varier Move stool
March 29, 2013
I do love this chair. All the other office chairs I saw were also ridiculously expensive so the price did not surprise me. The ergonomics of it are great - used it for a while at a standard desk until my height adjustable desk arrived last week, works well and seats me comfortably at either site. My rear goes numb if I sit in it for more than an hour, which encourages me to get up and change tasks. I doubt that is an intentional design feature. I would still buy more if I needed more than one chair because the "perch" position is so comfortable for the first 59 minutes.

5 Stars

Love that it is Made in Norway!
February 6, 2012
This is a wonderful little stool that is helpful for so many reasons. It is light weight and can be moved from office to office. You can use it as your daily office chair with a height adjustable desk or simply have it around as a task chair to pull up when meeting with a coworker. It's simple design and small foot print make it an office favorite. We have a few floating around our offices and I even have 2 at my kitchen island at home. I love that it is made from premium, eco friendly materials in Norway which is just another reason to justify the price. Considering some other seemingly more "complicated" office chairs can be upwards of $1,000 and made of plastic and inferior materials - this is well worth it!

S Spencer
3 Stars

Varier Stool
June 8, 2011
Very useful as an office accessory. The price is outrageous for what it is, but it seems well made and it gets used often.

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