Add a Little Ergo to Your Call Center

Add a Little Ergo to Your Call Center

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 25th 2010

Having worked in a call center for a good portion of my adult life, I can tell you how great it is now that uman Solution makes sure that I have a great ergonomic workstation. The setup they provide helps ensure that I will be comfortable, productive and free of repetitive stress injuries. So in a mission to help the headset wranglers of the world, I have put together an ergonomic workstation that will fit into a call center.

The first and biggest piece is an adjustable height desk, the Mayline Varitask LT. This is also the desk I use myself. It lets me sit and stand, and adjusts to just the right height for me. Adjustable height on the desk surface is great, but moving the desk up and down so that you are in your proper reach zone may cause your monitor to end up in a less-than-optimal position.

Fortunately, Workrite offers the Swingarm Monitor Arm to make sure that your monitor is placed correctly no matter how your desk is positioned. The Swingarm’s fingertip adjustment makes it easy to move the monitor side to side, in and out and left to right. This ensures that whether standing or sitting, I can place the monitor at just the right height and just the right distance for easy reading. Another important piece is the keyboard tray.

An adjustable keyboard tray is one of the most essential pieces of any ergonomic office setup. It lets you position your keyboard as close to your lap as possible, and angle it at a negative tilt, the optimum position for wrist health. The Varitask LT is a pedestal desk, however, so it requires a special tray. The Humanscale 900 tray for limited-depth desks works with the limited under-desk space of the LT in ways that a standard-size setup would not. Important:make sure you select the 11” track option or it will not fit. If you have any questions about this, feel free to reach out by online chat or give us a call. Finally, there is one piece you might not consider, but makes using a height adjustable desk much easier.

A CPU holder like the Humanscale CPU600 mounts to the underside of your desk surface. It holds your computer so that it raises and lowers with the desk. This eliminates the chance of pulling cables out or knocking over your computer when you raise the desk to standing height. And there you have it.

Just because you or your employees work in a mini-cube doesn’t mean they cannot have the best in ergonomic comfort. Check out these accessories, and let us know if you need recommendations for a custom solution.

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