Alleviate Eyestrain with an Adjustable Monitor Arm

Alleviate Eyestrain with an Adjustable Monitor Arm

Posted by Human Solution on Aug 3rd 2012

Eyestrain can be annoying at best and incredibly painful and harmful at worst. Do you experience burning, sharp pain or tightness in and around your eyes while staring at your computer monitor for hours on end? How about watering, headaches and blurred vision? If these symptoms sound familiar, chances are you’re suffering from eyestrain.

While eyestrain can have a harsh impact on your vision, not to mention your mood and energy level, straining your eyes for hours can also have a negative impact on the rest of your body. Ergonomists warn that eyestrain can often lead to other big problems like neck soreness, serious back pain and stiff shoulders. If your eyes aren’t comfortable while you’re working at your computer, the rest of your body will try to compensate for this discomfort by placing you in awkward uncomfortable positions that will lead to pain and health problems.

So how can you alleviate and prevent eyestrain and the various health issues that come with it while you’re working at your computer? One way is to make sure you can adjust your monitor to ensure it’s always in the correct position. Here at Human Solution, we offer a number of adjustable monitor arms that allow you to move, position and reposition your monitor for changing tasks.

Our monitor arms, like the Humancale M8 and the Innovative EVO, allow you to move your monitor into your most comfortable field of vision. This eliminates eyestrain and all the pain and discomfort caused by hunching forward and straining your body to see your screen.

Many people ask us to recommend the proper monitor position for greater ergonomic comfort. Ideally, you’ll want to be able to adjust your monitor vertically and horizontally, and you’ll also want to be able to adjust the depth of your screen. The best way to do this is by mounting your monitor on an adjustable monitor arm. Then, make sure your screen is at least at arms level away from your body, or even a bit closer. Your monitor should be positioned a minimum of 25” from your eyes. You shouldn’t have to crane your neck to view what’s on your screen. And you want to position your screen at eye level, or position the center of your screen slightly higher than eye level. You shouldn’t have to move your head up and down to read what’s on your screen. One more tip: tilt the top of the monitor at an angle slightly away from you. Check out a visual display of these suggestions:

Combat eyestrain, fatigue, discomfort, and a host of health-related issues by mounting your computer screen on an adjustable monitor arm. Check out all of our ergonomic monitor arms. And if you have a specific question about monitor arms or screen placement, give us a call at 800-531-3746, find us on live chat or email your question to

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