Need A New Mouse? Try An Award-Winning Ergonomic Mouse, The MouseTrapper Flexible

Need A New Mouse? Try An Award-Winning Ergonomic Mouse, The MouseTrapper Flexible

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 28th 2012

We love the Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse, and it seems like a whole lot of other people love it too. The MouseTrapper Flexible recently won the Attendees Choice Award at the 2012 ErgoExpo in Las Vegas.

The ErgoExpo is the annual gathering of ergonomist, ergonomic product manufacturers and health professionals looking for the latest and greatest items to increase comfort, health and productivity in the workplace. These folks are committed to keeping the workforce safe and healthy for years to come. So it comes as no shock to us that this group was very enthusiastic about the MouseTrapper Flexible, a wireless ergonomic mouse specially designed to prevent repetitive strain injuries and relieve wrist, hand, joint, neck, and shoulder pain.

The portable MouseTrapper Flexible features a unique design that provides easy, comfortable fingertip curser operation that eliminates the wrist twisting, shoulder tension, pulling and clicking associated with other mice. These movements can cause serious pain issues and injuries, and the MouseTrapper Felxible’s ease of use helps prevent and reduce these movements while offering a more comfortable experience at the computer.

The MouseTrapper Flexible sits in front of your keyboard, which allows you instant access to its unique clickable track pad, which you use to control the cursor on your monitor screen. Having the track pad in front of the keyboard and near your body prevents you from reaching and straining forward or to the left or right to reach for your mouse. The MouseTrapper helps keep your body in a neutral position, eliminating harmful, stressful movements while you work at your computer. You won’t have to strain your hands, wrist, neck, shoulders, or back when using the MouseTrapper Flexible.

The clickable track pad scrolls with your finger, which gives you great control over your cursor movements. This soft track pad gives nearly no resistance to your finger as you are scrolling and manipulating your cursor. The MouseTrapper Flexible also features eight programmable buttons for a truly personalized work experience.

And don’t forget – the MouseTrapper Flexible is portable. It features a slim carrying case, and it’s small enough to take anywhere you work, like the coffee shop, airplane, wherever. It works great with laptops as well as desktop computers, and it’s lightweight and easy to carry. The included USB dongle is “plug and play” ready, and this ergonomic mouse is compatible with Windows 98 SE, ME, 2000, Vista and 7 and Mac OS.

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