Better Than Before: The Evoluent Vertical Mouse VM4

Better Than Before: The Evoluent Vertical Mouse VM4

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 18th 2011

With the VM4 model, the Evoluent vertical mouse gets an update on a very effective design. Evoluents are quite popular in The Human Solution offices, being the preferred ergonomic mouse of several staff members. I have used one myself for the entire time I’ve worked at the company and it would be hard to go back to a traditional mouse at this point. The Evoluent vertical mouse is so named because it resembles a traditional mouse turned on its side, so that you grip it vertically, like shaking hands with someone. In addition to being great practice for business negotiations and treaty signings, this handshake grip also eliminates the forearm twisting that comes from having your hand gripping a horizontal object, e.g. a regular mouse. This can have a positive impact on everything from your wrists up to your shoulders. The other great feature of the evoluent is its low click force buttons, which reduce stress on fingers, hands and wrist muscles. And that’s just the VM3.

The VM4 is not a major departure from the design of the VM3, however it adds a few new things that are worth mentioning: The shape is now more contoured, designed to fit users’ hands better. They added a pointer speed button on the side of the mouse so you can change the sensitivity of the mouse without ever changing your grip. Finally, laptop users will appreciate the mouse’s new sleep mode, which conserves battery power when it is not in use. These new features improve on an already great design. Based on my experience and that of my coworkers, I recommend you consider this mouse when looking at traditional mice.

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