Cool It Now: Mesh Ergohuman Chairs

Cool It Now: Mesh Ergohuman Chairs

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 24th 2011

In Texas, we understand heat. It takes only one look at the almost comically large wall of A/C units in our call center to know that keeping cool in the office is a priority. Aside from keeping the room temperature down, however, some users find that their desk chairs can cause a problem as well. Leather seating in particular tends to retain body heat, but anything with a foam pad can do so. This can mean discomfort, and in extreme cases, sweat circles in areas you’d prefer not to have them. That is not, in any sense of the word, cute.

Thankfully, Raynor has come to your rescue with its breathable mesh Ergohumman chairs. The ME7ERG, which features a headrest, and the ME8ERGLO, which does not. These chairs provide great ergonomic adjustability and comfort for men above about 5’6” in height and women above about 5’4”, with average-length legs. We’ve blogged extensively about the ergohuman, and you can find a great review here, so I will not belabor the features once again.

One word of caution before you let the wind whip through your lumbar, however: mesh is, by definition, not padded. This means that users with senisitive hip, thigh and buttock areas are almost certain to dislike these chairs. Even normal users can get uncomfortable pressure points, so if you tend to be seated for periods in excess of a couple hours without moving around at all, you may want to at least look into something with a padded seat.

If you’ve taken this into consideration however, go ahead and cool down with a mesh Ergohuman.

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