Create a Clean Breathing Zone With the Humanscale ZON Air Purifier

Create a Clean Breathing Zone With the Humanscale ZON Air Purifier

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 16th 2013

Here at Human Solution, we offer a variety of different ergonomic office products designed to help reduce your risk of injury, discomfort, and illness at work. While most of the products we endorse are typically for office (or home office) use, the Humanscale ZON Air Purifier is an innovative ergonomic item that breaks that mold. It’s just as useful in the office as it is in the bedroom. How many ergonomic office products can boast that claim?

If you have an ergonomic workstation set up in your office, you are likely well equipped to combat the variety of health issues that arise from being bound to a desk for hours a day, but there is one contributing health risk that you cannot escape: The air you are breathing. According to the EPA, indoor air pollution is among the top five environmental health threats facing the world today. The ZON Air Purifier can help you combat that threat.

The air we breathe in an office setting is riddled with dust, smoke, pet dander, chemicals from various personal products, numerous germs, allergens, you name it! In many office settings, workers are grouped in a large room with many others, making it nearly impossible to effectively clean the air for every person. Every time a door opens, “dirty air” so to speak is brought into the room. Even if you work alone in a personal office, cleaning the air in the entire room is a huge task. Most air purifiers in the market today are designed to clean the air in an entire room, but the Humanscale ZON Air purifier creates a targeted zone of clean air. It cleans the immediate personal area of the user so they are breathing cleaner, safer air as long as the ZON is in use.

The ZON was a project four years in the making, in which Humanscale went to great lengths and extensive testing in order to produce the high performance, low energy and aesthetically pleasing ZON. A case study was performed by senior lecturer Peter Hall at the University of Texas. The ZON employs four near-silent fans and a tightly coiled paper filter that essentially creates a bubble of clean air for the user, filtering out more than 99% of airborne contaminants. The ZON creates no noticeable draft and consumes just 22 watts of power. In fact, it exceeds Energy Star requirements by 275%, making it the most energy-efficient air purifier available on the market.

As I alluded to earlier, the Humanscale ZON Air Purifier isn’t just for the office. We also love the ZON’s application as a home air purifier as well. With an attractive design, available in black, white or red, the ZON is a compact unit. The circular grille that protects the air filter is the size of a vinyl record at 12” in diameter, with the entire unit being 13” W x 14” H and 3.5” thick. The ZON can easily be kept on a nightstand, turned on and directed toward your pillows so that you are breathing in a clean bubble of air all night long. This is especially exciting for those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Just think about being able to sleep soundly and wake up being able to breathe!

If you think of ergonomics as a goal to set up your environment to best suit you and to prevent risk of injury and illness, the air you are breathing is an important factor that you cannot forget, then the Humanscale ZON Air Purifier is an accessory that you shouldn’t overlook.

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