Customize a Humanscale 900 Keyboard Tray System

Customize a Humanscale 900 Keyboard Tray System

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 2nd 2011

I’ll bet the sandwich artists at Subway dread to see you coming. You customize like a pro and woe to those who stand in your way. When it comes to setting up your stuff, preconfigured simply won’t do.

For you, Humanscale offers the Design Your Own 900 & 950 keyboard tray systems. They give you full control over a keyboard tray system that uses Humanscale’s most popular platform. Have a specification that calls for their older-style 4G mechanism? Want a swivel mouse that can hide all the way under the tray to save space? No problem.

In all, this system gives you six options, letting you pick from such extras as a lateral slider to move the platform side to side as well as back and forth and custom track lengths to fit your unique workspace. If even these options do not seem to be enough, give us a call and one of our associates will gladly work on some extra customizations or present alternative options.

The standard setup is not right for everyone, but with the Humanscale Design Your Own keyboard tray system, you can get the adjustable keyboard tray that is perfect for you.

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