Ergonomic Mouse Review: The Mousetrapper Advance Mouse

Ergonomic Mouse Review: The Mousetrapper Advance Mouse

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 24th 2012

We sell many different ergonomic mice here at the Human Solution, but one of the more interesting ones we offer, in both name and function, is definitely the Mousetrapper. First off, let’s talk about that name. For many, it may conjure up images of a spring-loaded death trap for certain cheese-loving unwanted houseguests. For those around my age (let’s just say the tail end of Generation X), it bears a striking resemblance to a Rube Goldberg-inspired board game that always seemed a little more fun to set up than to actually play. But we’re hoping that the Mousetrapper will now be synonymous with comfortable, ergonomic mouse use.

While vertical mice like the Evoluent put your hand in a more relaxed position that is infinitely better than a standard mouse, they still don’t address one of the main problems with mouse use in general. Having a mouse on the side of your keyboard puts your reach in an extended position, which can lead to repetitive stress injuries and pain. The Mousetrapper sits right in from of your keyboard, keeping your hands and wrists in the “neutral reach zone,” and cutting down on the kind of reaching that results in those pesky aforementioned injuries.
The Mousetrapper basically works like the trackpad on a laptop, but better.

Instead of moving your finger across a stationary surface, the steering pad on the Mousetrapper actually moves with you, allowing you to manipulate your cursor with only a finger and with little force at all. The horizontal range on the Mousetrapper is impressive, allowing you to move across a dual monitor setup with one motion. It also features built-in soft polyurethane wrist and palm supports and is less than an inch thick, adding even more comfort and keeping you in a more relaxed typing and mousing position. You can even download software to make the buttons programmable for certain functions like copy and paste, requiring even less reach to get your work done.

We used to sell a similar item called the RollerMouse that worked in some of the same ways, but we all think the Mousetrapper improves upon that model in some pretty big ways. The palm supports are softer, and the buttons have a softer feel as well, and are much quieter to boot. The horizontal range I referred to earlier is improved as well – you could never scroll across dual monitors with the RollerMouse. Also, the buttons on the Mousetrapper are easily programmable with downloadable software, and while the RollerMouse had them as well, we never really had much luck getting them to actually work as they should.

So with the Mousetrapper, they have truly “built a better mousetrap.” It not only improves upon a standard mouse, but even on similar trackpad-style mice as well. If you want to learn more about the Mousetrapper, Human Solution’s own LeAnn Paulsen has a video below demonstrating some of the functions, as well as her thoughts on the improvements over the RollerMouse. As always, feel free to hit us up in chat, email or at 1-800-531-3746 with questions or to place an order.

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