Ergonomic Mouse Review: The Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse

Ergonomic Mouse Review: The Mousetrapper Flexible Mouse

Posted by Human Solution on May 4th 2012

With airlines charging more than they'd like to admit for carry-on luggage, and with the already limited space (if one could call it that) offered on planes, ergonomics and travel seldom go hand-in-hand. Not so with the Mousetrapper Flexible, which has three months of battery life with each charge, in addition to a durable neoprene case, making it a worthy travel companion.

The Mousetrapper mice are non-traditional in the sense that they rest in front of your keyboard, keeping your arms from reaching outside of the center of your body, preventing neck and back strain as a result. The approach is similar to a track pad like that on the Macbook, but with a much more ergonomic mousing surface. Hard clickable pads have the potential to cause fingertip numbness which can lead to permanent sensory issues. In an effort to combat this, the Mousetrapper Flexible has made clicking and scrolling ergonomic. The mousing surface moves up and down in an infinite loop, much like a treadmill, on top of sliding laterally. The lattice-like design gives a near-zero resistance as you are pressing into empty space making clicking safe. The surface area of the mousing surface is identical to the one found on the Mousetrapper Advance, so there are no sacrifices in functionality. In fact, the Flexible version offers more programmable buttons (eight versus five) that encircle the pad, each of which are customizable with Mousetrapper’s free, user-friendly MT Keys software.

With work and technology becoming more and more mobile, and airplanes smaller and smaller, the Mousetrapper Flexible is an ideal travel ergonomic mouse at only 12 inches wide, which is seven inches smaller than the Mousetrapper Advance. You’re also freed from any one computing position since your body is centered in front of your workspace, instead of askew as when your mouse is off to one side. When your finger or hand gets tired, just use the other—no mouse is friendlier to ambidextrous mousing than the Mousetrapper. All of these features, coupled with the button customization available, make it easier to navigate your computer while on the go.

This is a unique ergonomic mouse that assists in assuaging work-related pain like repetitive strain injuries, and can help prevent them from popping up in the first place. After all, ergonomics is all about making the journey, whether meeting a new client in Europe or making it to the end of the week, as comfortable for your body as possible.

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