Factors of Correct Monitor Placement

Factors of Correct Monitor Placement

Posted by Human Solution on Mar 25th 2009

Factors to Consider Regarding Monitor Placement

Many people spend long hours sitting at their workstation staring at a monitor screen. Correct placement can reduce eyestrain, improve productivity and reduce neck strain. Where should your monitor be placed?

  • Consideration #1 - Depth: Your monitor should be a minimum of 25" from your eyes. An easy general rule is at least arms length from your body. Farther is better and the size of your monitor may make a difference. If you need to, consider increasing the font size on your screen rather than moving it closer, or consider computer glasses. Another easy way to evaluate correct distance - you should not have to move your head forward or backwards to view the screen. Your head should be relaxed.
  • Consideration #2 - Height: The entire viewing screen should be located within the range of 15° and 50° below eye level. You should be able to view the entire screen easily without having to force your head up or down.
  • Consideration #3 - Tilt: Tilt the top of the monitor slightly away from you.

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