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Factors of Correct Monitor Placement

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

Factors to Consider Regarding Monitor Placement

Many people spend long hours sitting at their workstation staring at a monitor screen. Correct placement can reduce eyestrain, improve productivity and reduce neck strain. Where should your monitor be placed?

  • Consideration #1 - Depth: Your monitor should be a minimum of 25" from your eyes. An easy general rule is at least arms length from your body. Farther is better and the size of your monitor may make a difference. If you need to, consider increasing the font size on your screen rather than moving it closer, or consider computer glasses. Another easy way to evaluate correct distance - you should not have to move your head forward or backwards to view the screen. Your head should be relaxed.
  • Consideration #2 - Height: The entire viewing screen should be located within the range of 15° and 50° below eye level. You should be able to view the entire screen easily without having to force your head up or down.
  • Consideration #3 - Tilt: Tilt the top of the monitor slightly away from you.