Falling for the Good Looks and Charm of the Stir Kinetic?  Stick With the Proven UPLIFT 900 Instead

Falling for the Good Looks and Charm of the Stir Kinetic? Stick With the Proven UPLIFT 900 Instead

Posted by Human Solution on Oct 9th 2013

There's a new electric height-adjustable desk on the market, and it's turning heads, especially among the tech crowd. The Stir Kinetic, designed by a former Apple engineer, is definitely sexy, with its sleek top and embedded touchscreens. We're certainly glad that more people are spreading the good news about the health benefits of using height-adjustable desks. However, despite the super-cool look and vibe of the Stir, we have a couple of ergonomic reservations about it.

One of the features of the Stir Kinetic is that the cords and motor are enclosed within the desktop. While it's nice to have all that neatly stored away, it makes for a very thick top. If you're trying to arrange your workstation in the most ergonomic way possible, that thick top is likely to interfere with proper body position during the times you're sitting down at your desk; you may not be able to get the top down low enough to allow your arms to be at a 90-degree angle while you're typing, without bringing it right on top of your thighs and knees. And if you lower your chair to get your thighs out of the way, your legs will no longer be at the ergonomically-advised 90-degree angle either. Additionally, you can't mount a keyboard tray to the underside of the desktop, so you wouldn't be able to set your desk a little higher and use a keyboard tray to bring your typing surface to you. There's no doubt that the Stir Kinetic is a good-looking desk with a lot of cool features, but if it doesn't serve your health overall, it might not be the best choice, particularly given its high price point (starting at $3890.00). Something else to keep in mind is that the Stir Kinetic has a weight capacity of only 75 pounds, compared to the 335-pound capacity of the UPLIFT 900 two-leg desk.

We still think our UPLIFT Desks are the way to go, and not out of jealousy, we promise. We believe in standing desks for everyone and have models priced as low as $499, ready to ship the same business day. We have desks to fit a variety of space requirements, from small cubicles to large corners, or can custom-make one to your specific measurements. If you're interested in the Stir Kinetic because you appreciate the visual upgrade, check out our stunning Solid Wood Adjustable Height Desks, made right here in Texas by local woodworkers.

Whichever of our desks you choose, you'll always find us here for product support, ergonomic advice, fast shipping, and high value. Give us a call today, and let us set you up with your perfect desk.

We have tons of options for your individualized sit-stand workstation at TheHumanSolution.com.

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