First Professor Ergo Post

First Professor Ergo Post

Posted by Professor Ergo on Nov 6th 2008

When we decided to introduce our new blog in conjunction with our redesigned website, we knew we had our work cut out for us.  We have hundreds of products to review and our favorites to recommend.  Our ergonomic blog, ergonomic forum, and FAQ create the ideal medium to share what we know with those who are interested.  Our goal is to populate the Blog with several entries per week; a blog with no content is not a useful blog.  We will also be posting our favorite customer email questions and responses in the forum.

We dedicate a good portion of each day to answering phone and email questions from customers who voice their concerns about purchasing chairs, keyboard trays, keyboards, mice, desks and other ergonomic equipment that will work best for them.  The individual anthropometry and discomforts of our customers guide us a we recommend various equipment for their individual job requirements.  As a Certified Professional Ergonomist and owner of this company (see BIO), it is my goal to provide effective ergonomic products that truly solve our customers issues.  This involves sharing knowledge that can make people more comfortable and productive at their workplace.  We want to share knowledge in a blog to leverage what we know.

We will recommend some ergonomic products in this blog.  However, You won’t find any hard selling or misleading information here, just ergonomic research based findings and honest opinions with product recommendations inserted occasionally.  Usually we will recommend product features to let you the consumer find the best product that has those qualities from the thousands of products available online and in your local stores.  Give our blog a try and subscribe to our feeds; it’s free- sometimes humorous, rarely dull, and it will help you achieve a work place that fits you and your needs.

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