Flexibility: The Knoll Generation Chair

Flexibility: The Knoll Generation Chair

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 9th 2011

A few days ago, I discussed our undisputed chair dancing champion, the Steelcase Leap Chair. A close second might go to the Knoll Generation ergonomic office chair. The Generation has an extremely flexible back with a unique twist.

The Generation was designed with movement in mind. The idea is that sitting in a static posture all day causes problems, even if it is correct in terms of ergonomic positioning. Humans simply aren’t made to be sitting motionless for long periods of time.

To capitalize on this, the Generation created a back out of unique material. They found a polymer that is flexible, but strong. It has a similar feel to a mesh back, but is more flexible, allowing and encouraging more movement. The back is hinged at the top so that the chair back actually flexes with your upper back movements. The overall effect is very comfortable and supportive. Users who want a bit more firmness on the lumbar region can opt for an adjustable lumbar support.

The seat is padded, and fairly comfortable, however I recommend the “ultra” seat cushion option. Another upgrade I recommend pretty strongly is the enhanced arm option. The regular height adjustable arms are set fairly widely and I feel that pivoting arms would be a major advantage in this case.

Overall, the Knoll Generation chair approaches a familiar problem in a pretty unique way with it’s polymer back, and if you’re the type that likes a little flexibility, I definitely recommend this chair.

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