Gear for Your Rear: Chairs for Sciatica, Hip, and Tailbone Pain

Gear for Your Rear: Chairs for Sciatica, Hip, and Tailbone Pain

Posted by Human Solution on Dec 4th 2010

If you have a pain problem in your hip/upper thigh/tailbone region, sitting in any office chair is probably no picnic. Whether caused by your sacrum/coccyx, hip joint or sciatic nerve, pain in this region makes even the pressure of sitting tough to bear. One of my immediate recommendations is to setup your workstation so you can be standing part of the day. However, we also have office chairs that will help you enjoy the time you must be seated.

Two features are important in a chair like this: the first is a highly contoured “saddle-shaped” seat. This distributes pressure much more evenly over the seat cushion and alleviates pressure points on your body. This feature is available on higher-end ergonomic chairs, like the Bodybilt and Neutral Posture seating lines.

The second feature is energy-absorbing foam, which goes by different names based on the brand of the chair, but in all cases provides the softest, most conforming padding. It is available on the aforementioned high-end chairs, but for those unwilling to spend that much on a chair, some of our mid-range chairs, such as the ergoCentric geoCentric offer this type of foam as well.

Pain in your backside makes working tough, but the right chair can help a lot.

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