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Bodybilt Chairs

BodyBilt Chairs by ErgoGenesis are ergonomic office chairs custom built to fit and support the seated human body at work. BodyBilt chairs allow you to configure your chair to your exact needs, including the movement mechanism, the shape of the seat and the padding, lumbar and headrest style, arm adjustability, and more. A chair designed to accommodate your specific needs will go a long way towards relieving pain and fatigue and increasing productivity.

In addition to building your chair to your specifications at the time of order, you can also reconfigure your chair as your needs change — including the option to change upholstery. You can rest assured knowing your investment in this American-made chair is secured long into the future. All chairs are made to order and ship direct from the BodyBilt factory.


BodyBilt 3507 High Back Executive Chair with Headrest

BodyBilt 2507 High Back Executive Chair

Bodybilt 2600 High Back Mesh Ergonomic Chair

BodyBilt 3407 High Back Petite Executive Chair with Headrest

BodyBilt 2407 High Back Petite Executive Chair

BodyBilt 3504 High Back Big and Tall Chair with Headrest

BodyBilt 2504 High Back Big and Tall Chair

BodyBilt 2509/3509 Extra Tall ''Stretch'' Chair

BodyBilt 757 Ergonomic Task Chair

BodyBilt I3507/I3508 24|Seven Crew Chair

BodyBilt I3509 24|Seven Crew Chair

BodyBilt I3504 24|Seven Crew Chair

Who should give serious consideration to purchasing a BodyBilt chair?

  • Anyone with back, shoulder, neck, tailbone, arm or wrist pain
  • Anyone taller than 6'2" or shorter than 5'1"
  • Anyone over 250 lbs
  • People with circulatory issues, varicose veins or diabetes
  • Individuals who need a chair for multi-shift 24/7 use, clean room use or other special needs
  • Anyone looking for a highly customized chair
  • Anyone who wants increased design options such as fabric choices, decorator chair bases, or stitching choices, including logo stitching

Is this you?

Build Your Own BodyBilt Chair Tool

Bodybilt Chairs typically fall in the $1-2K range, (if these chairs are too expensive for you, we can also look at comparable chairs in a lower price range with similar benefits). Use the selector tool below to help us suggest the best chair configuration for your needs, and feel free to leave any notes for specific issues, concerns or requests. We can follow up via email or by phone to further discuss your ergonomic needs.

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