Get the Fastest Ergonomic Relief in Texas (and the Other 47 States)

Get the Fastest Ergonomic Relief in Texas (and the Other 47 States)

Posted by Human Solution on Aug 24th 2013

"When will this item ship?"

I answered this question over the phone at least 3 times while writing this blog post. As a customer service rep at Human Solution, it's probably one of the questions I get the most, even more than "what chair is right for me?" or "do you really stand all day?". Item lead times can vary, but most products we offer have a lead time of 5-7 business days before they leave the warehouse to ship. Products like desks, chairs, and even keyboard trays are often built to order, so it takes time for the warehouse to process - whether it's coming from us, or directly from the manufacturer.

However, if you need help with pain such as an overuse or stress injury, no amount of explanation will make you feel better other than knowing your item is on its way. If this is the case, the following picks generally ship the day they are ordered or the next business day (time in transit will of course vary according to where you are located. Don't hesitate to call us for an estimate!):

  • Mice - We stock our most popular mice here in our Austin warehouse, so if you place your order early in the day during business hours (Central Standard Time), your mouse will probably ship out the same day.
  • Quick Ship Keyboard Trays - Humanscale 500 and 900 boards are some of the top-selling models, and we keep several variations of these items in stock..
  • Quick Ship Monitor Arms - Just like the keyboard trays, we stock some of the most popular configurations in Austin so they are ready to ship.
  • Chairs - There are even a select number of ergonomic chairs available to ship out quickly. Typically they are the most popular versions of highly-customizable chairs, with black fabric and a standard black base, like this Same Day Ship model of the Humanscale Freedom Chair. Raynor Ergohuman Chairs are also quick to leave the warehouse, generally shipping the next business day.

You can find out the availability by adding "quick ship" or "same day ship" to your search query on our website (i.e., "Humanscale Freedom Chair quick ship"). If there's ever a question of how quickly something will ship or you'd like to know if we carry a version of the item you are after here at our Austin store, please ask! Just give us call at 800-531-3746. If we know you need an item by a certain date, we will always do our best to meet that goal for you.

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