Get Your Life Together with the Desk Organizer Set by UPLIFT Desk

Get Your Life Together with the Desk Organizer Set by UPLIFT Desk

Posted by Mandy Spivey on Apr 24th 2018

Desk Organizer Set by UPLIFT Desk

Organize every little thing on your desk and get your life together with the Desk Organizer Set by UPLIFT Desk.

It's no secret; people work better in a space that is their own. You probably already have a few personal effects in your area, like family photos or inspirational desk decor. But what about all of the office odds and ends that you have piling up, like paper, notebooks, and business cards? Coordinate your entire desk look with a matching desk set in the color of your choice. 

The complete desk set comes with:

  • large paper tray
  • medium accessory box
  • small accessory box 
  • business card holder
  • pen holder
  • six pens with blue ink  

Giving you all of the things you'd need to sort, organize, and store a variety of desktop items. Because a clean desk is a well-functioning desk, helping you be more productive throughout the day with everything in its place. When you clean up your desk, you clean up your life, effectively. So now that your desk is all tidied up and matching in the accessory department, what will you do with your time? Learn a new skill? Start a new desk hobby? Offer your refined office design prowess to the rest of your coworkers? With a desk this clean and well coordinated, you can do anything, including convincing your coworkers that you maintain this level of organization outside the office in your personal life (we won't tell).  

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