Getting My Ergonomic Home Office In Shape for The New Year

Getting My Ergonomic Home Office In Shape for The New Year

Posted by Human Solution on Jan 8th 2013

My New Year’s resolution this year is pretty simple: I want to be every bit as comfortable in my home office as I am at work.

As odd as it may seem, it’s easier for me to relax working here at Human Solution offices in Austin than it is in my home office. It all really boils down to having a comfortable workspace. The ergonomic sit-stand desk that I use at work gives me a large workspace and height adjustment, and the ergonomic chair I use at work is much more comfortable than the old office chair I have at home. My home office just isn’t quite up to par with my workspace at THS. Yet.

To get comfy in my home office, the first and most obvious order of business will be to upgrade my desk. My tiny, fixed-height desk at home will soon be replaced with our adjustable height UPLIFT 900 desk. These desks are very cost-efficient and come with either laminate or natural wood tops.

Our laminate tops for the UPLIFT 900 desks not only have a great finish, but they are exceptionally sturdy and cost-efficient. A 72” x 30” top will give me plenty of room for monitors, external drives, gaming accessories, and much more at a very budget-friendly price. And if I decide to upgrade to a larger native wood top later, I can simply reuse the base since the built-in crossbar can be adjusted to support any size desktop. And, of course, the UPLIFT 900’s quick height adjustment will not only help me position the desktop where I need it while sitting, but also get me on my feet on lazy Sunday mornings. Standing while at my desk always increases my energy and focus. No more weekend Starbucks runs for me!

The other half of the comfort equation is a good ergonomic chair. While I spend most of my workday at THS standing, I can’t stay on my feet all the time. Our bodies simply weren’t designed for that. Never one to settle on one thing for long, I’ve tried out quite a few chairs in my time here at THS. My favorite so far is the Steelcase Leap Chair. The Leap pairs a clean, modern look with great functionality in nearly any sitting position. The LiveBack technology allows the chair to move and flex with my back movements, and the Leap’s unique lower back firmness adjustment helps discourage me from sitting in a hunched-over position that causes my lower back to sag. As someone who likes to have as much control over my chair as possible, I love that the Leap lets me fine-tune my sitting position (and it looks really good, too).

Finally, I’ll need a good task light for my new home office computer desk. Lighting is often one of the most overlooked parts of ergonomics, despite good lighting making a noticeable difference in viewing comfort. My apartment doesn’t have the best lighting. I like to paint models and reading at my desk, and these tasks require a good source of light. The Steelcase Dash Task Light features a sleek look and low-drain LED bulbs that not only provide clean, evenly-distributed light, but also feature dimming capabilities and an articulating arm to focus light wherever I need it. The dash is one of my favorites, and we also offer a number of other high quality ergonomic task lights.

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With these three great items at my disposal, I’m sure that 2013 will be my most comfortable year yet. If you’re looking to revamp your home office as well and need help choosing ergonomic office furniture that fits you, be sure to give us a call at 1-800-531-3746 or click here to chat with one of our ergonomic experts. We’ll be happy to help you start 2013 right!

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