Great Solutions For Ergonomic Workstations: Stand Up Desks, Laptop Stands, and Monitor Arms

Great Solutions For Ergonomic Workstations: Stand Up Desks, Laptop Stands, and Monitor Arms

Posted by Human Solution on Apr 15th 2013

Ah, human ingenuity. If we can't have access to something, we’ll make something — preferably fast, cheap and with lots of duct tape.

Customers always send us pictures of their workstations at Human Solution, and that can yield some pretty interesting photos of do-it-yourself stand up desks. We've seen people placing their laptops and desktop monitors on stacks of books, cardboard boxes, plastic bins, shoddily-constructed plywood contraptions and even Pringles cans! All of those DIY inventions certainly show creativity, but none can come close to the stability and reliability of an adjustable height desk that was specifically designed for that purpose.

That's why the UPLIFT 900 Sit-Stand Desk is a great upgrade to those at-home inventions. Talk about sturdy — this desk supports up to 335 lbs of all of your various desk tools like monitors, monitor arms, CPUs, phones and whatever else you’ll need for work. With this desk, you can go from a sitting position to standing position at the touch of a button.

A way for laptop users to get better ergonomic positioning (without coming up with home inventions) is to use laptop monitor arms. Even though monitor arms are becoming more and more common with traditional PCs, many people aren't aware that there are great laptop arms available as well. These are a bit different than the standard desktop monitor arms because they have to accommodate a laptop's unique characteristics.

Most monitor arms attach with by bolting to a pre-drilled hole pattern in the back of the monitor. You can’t necessarily do that with laptops, and that presents a different challenge. The laptop either has to rest on a platform, or be held in place by the arm. A couple of good options are the Innovative Height Adjustable Laptop Mount which has the platform for the laptop. Another option is the Innovative 7050 Height-Adjustable Laptop & LCD Mount, with an arm that grabs and holds the laptop in place.

With the use of an adjustable height desk like the UPLIFT 900 and a monitor arm that positions your screen correctly and ergonomically, you should be able to finally do away with the boxes and Pringles cans, just in time for spring cleaning.

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