Height-Adjustable Standing Desks: To Crossbar or Not to Crossbar?

Height-Adjustable Standing Desks: To Crossbar or Not to Crossbar?

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 24th 2014

Choosing a height-adjustable desk can be hard. There's an ever-growing number of models to choose from, all with different finish, desktop, control panel, and mechanism options. Our UPLIFT 900 series desks are excellent options for those looking for a stylish, reliable sit-stand desk at the right price, but it can sometimes be a bit difficult deciding between the UPLIFT 900 and UPLIFT 920 models. On paper, the differences are pretty simple - the UPLIFT 900 has a central telescoping crossbar that extends between both legs along the bottom of the desktop, whereas the UPLIFT 920 only has a partial crossbar. Which one is best for you?

The easiest way to determine which model desk is best for your needs is to first decide what you plan to put on your desk. While both the UPLIFT 900 and UPLIFT 920 desks boast a 335 pound lifting capacity, the crossbar system of the UPLIFT 900 helps to better support heavy desktops such as those made from mesquite, or lighter weight desktops with heavy loads placed on the center of the desk. While our laminates are designed to resist bowing in the center over time, using the UPLIFT 900's central crossbar can help provide better stability on some desks, such as those using laminate tops.

For those in need of a bit more flexibility for accessory mounting, the UPLIFT 920 opens up some new options. The UPLIFT 920 is actually the same desk base as the UPLIFT 900 and even includes the removable telescoping crossbar in the package, letting you convert it back to the UPLIFT 900 configuration by installing the central crossbar (likewise, an UPLIFT 900 can be converted into an UPLIFT 920 by leaving out the crossbar).

However, without the central crossbar installed, there is a gap on desktops 48" wide or larger that is wide enough to install a keyboard tray with a 22" track, which is the standard length required by most keyboard trays for complete stowing under the desk. (It will be a tight fit on a 48" wide desktop, with just 1/4" overhang on either side, but it can be done!) The UPLIFT 900 can also accommodate a keyboard tray, but the central crossbar will prevent installation of tracks longer than 11", leaving the keyboard tray exposed at all times.

The question of which desk model is best for you is ultimately a question you'll have to answer for yourself, but luckily the versatility of the UPLIFT 900 series ensures you'll have everything you need should you change your mind.

Learn more about the UPLIFT 900 series height-adjustable standing desks at TheHumanSolution.com.

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