Hey, Hey, it's the Monterey!

Hey, Hey, it's the Monterey!

Posted by Tyler R on May 5th 2016

It’s hard to be comfortable at work when your desk is basically just a heavy slab sitting in the middle of a small office or cubicle. You can’t stand up at it and sitting at it isn’t as much fun when you’re still using some dated old chair with no ergonomic features and probably a coffee stain or some such thing from its former owner. You can fix the desk issue by upgrading to a height-adjustable sit- stand solution like the UPLIFT Desk. If budget constraints or something equally as inconvenient are keeping you from changing out your desk though, at the very least we can help you do something about that tired old chair.

Coincidentally, we here at Human Solution have a wide selection of ergonomic office chairs to fit an array of needs. And our selection keeps getting bigger with additions like the Raynor Eurotech Monterey Chair MFSY77. Since it’s a Raynor chair, you know it’s going to be a good quality piece of furniture at a very affordable price. The best part is that while the Raynor Monterey is affordable and well-made, it also has a lot of the ergonomic features that your old office chair dreamed of having before life came at it like a wrecking ball. The Raynor Eurotech Monterey Chair features a height and depth adjustable waterfall seat for the comfort of you and your legs. The waterfall seat takes pressure off of the back of your knees and avoids cutting off your circulation. You don’t get to fall asleep on the job and your legs shouldn’t either. The MFSY77 also has the tilt tension control feature shared by some of its brethren. This feature allows the chair to adapt its recline rate to the weight of the user. This particular chair also has a syncro-tilt mechanism that reclines the backrest in a preset ratio with the seat for a little extra comfort.

In addition, the Raynor Eurotech Monterey Chair MFSY77 also has height and width-adjustable arms, limited lifetime warranty, and is Greenguard certified so not only is it affordable and ergonomic, it’s also manufactured using sustainable methods and practices. You’re investing in your comfort and being kind to the environment at the same time! You don’t have to hug a tree but one may hug you in passing. Who knows? Life is weird.

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