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High-Heeled Ergonomics: Stay Comfortable at Work in High Heels

Author: Human Solution | Posted:

I know, I know, there is nothing ergonomic about wearing high heels, but that doesn't stop me. Wedges, pumps, stilettos, platforms and strappy sandals -- I wear them all, and I love them all. The thing is, each pair is slightly different, so every day I have to adjust my workstation to accommodate my ever-changing height. When I read a blog post from Humantech on adjusting your work surface for high heels, I could completely identify; I go through this little dance every day! And they offer some great advice for adjusting each component of your workstation to keep things ergonomic, even if your feet are aching!

I generally start the day standing at my adjustable height desk, so it’s an easy enough adjustment. I just pull out my keyboard tray, and adjust my desk until my forearms are parallel to the floor while my elbows are comfortably resting at my sides.

From there, I generally move to a seated position. My seat is usually too low from the day before (more on that later), so I adjust the height of the seat first, so that my feet are flat on the floor, but my hips are in line with my knees and not below. Then, I lower my desk to a comfortable position, and, if necessary, I make slight adjustments to my keyboard tray and monitor arm.

One factor that always affects the adjustments on my desk is the treadmill at my workstation. For that, I have a pair of walking shoes that I substitute for my usual platforms, and I have a pre-set position saved on my desk, because that one is always the same. Once I’m done walking, I generally move back to sitting. However, I don’t always feel like changing my shoes right away, so, when I sit back down, my chair is usually too high. Down it goes, until my feet can rest flat on the floor. Then, at the end of the day, I squeeze those pumps back on so I can look fabulous for whatever after-work activities I have planned. The next day, I start the process all over again.

Having an adjustable workstation with an adjustable height desk, an adjustable chair and a keyboard tray definitely gives me the freedom to express myself as an individual through my footwear!

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