How Much Do You Love Ergonomics?

How Much Do You Love Ergonomics?

Posted by Human Solution on Feb 14th 2014

happy valentine's day ergonomics uplift standing desk
Happy Valentine's Day from UPLIFT Desk and Human Solution

No matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day, I will say that it’s hard to deny ergonomics is all about love. The goal of workplace ergonomics is fitting your workstation to you. Our bodies weren’t meant to spend most of our lives sitting; much less sitting at an over-sized desk, reaching and straining to adjust with outstretched arms. Implementing ergonomics in the workplace aims to solve that problem and help build a workstation that does specifically cater to an individual’s height, weight and body proportions. Ergonomics loves you for who you are and will never ask you to change.

What you end up with is a workspace that encourages natural postures and movements that are actually healthy for the body. Ergonomics is all about looking out for your best interests. Why wouldn’t you want to love the workspace you spend 8+ hours a day in? Once you make the switch to an ergonomic workstation, you will know what I mean.

You’ll love it. In fact, I can’t imagine my life without knowing proper ergonomics.

Ergonomics have been so great to Human Solution office that this Valentine's Day we felt like we had to show our appreciation. You've seen the Valentine’s Day cards that we’ve created to show our love of ergonomics. What you can’t see is the personal message written on the other side:

Ergonomics, when reading this, some people might think that I put you up on the pedestal, but a treadmill desk just makes my heart race and takes me to a whole new level. I’ll stand by you, Ergonomics, and just like the programmable memory of an UPLIFT Desk, I’ll never forget you. You’re number one.

Happy Valentine’s Day Ergonomics!

With love, from Human Solution.

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