How to Love Your Keyboard Again: The E3 Keyboard Tray by UPLIFT Desk

How to Love Your Keyboard Again: The E3 Keyboard Tray by UPLIFT Desk

Posted by Tyler Reinhardt on Sep 29th 2017

It’s time to ask a question about one of the most personal relationships you experience in life. How well do you and your keyboard get along? You see each other for about a third of the week. Hopefully the two of you get along. Maybe you do. Maybe it’s the best keyboard you’ve ever had and you two make sweet sweet magic happen all day every day from 9 to 5. But maybe you don’t. Maybe your keyboard sits far too high at your work station. Maybe it’s too low and causes your shoulders and arms grief. Or maybe just for funsies it keeps itself at an angle that is just murder on your wrists. It’s easy to see all of the ways that the antics of your keyboard can put a strain on your relationship. But maybe your keyboard is trying to tell you something. Maybe your keyboard isn’t super thrilled with its accommodations. You’re probably thinking to yourself “Who cares keyboard? You’re just a keyboard.” Well maybe you should heed your office equipment. It may be time for a change and with the release of the new  E3 Keyboard Tray by UPLIFT Desk, making a change to your workspace has never been easier!

How does a keyboard tray save your relationship with your keyboard? There are a few ways. Just for starters, you would be giving your keyboard a brand new home upon which to live. Sure you could leave it on the desktop surface, but then it takes up valuable space you could be using. Imagine all of the room you’ll have for activities with your keyboard mounted under the desk. Getting that paperwork done will be so much easier now that you have a wide open space in front of you. It’s almost as good as purchasing actual real estate. As for actual features, the E3 Keyboard Tray has a few notable ones to help you and your keyboard take your working relationship to new heights.

Since we’ve already gone over the newfound space you'll free up on your desktop, it’s probably worth mentioning the space available on your keyboard’s new place of residence. The keyboard tray platform upon which your keyboard shall now sit measures 27.6” wide x 11.8” deep x 0.35” thick. That’s enough space for a standard keyboard as well as a mouse/mouse pad, and there’s even a nifty adhesive wrist support that runs the full length of the tray platform. The SparkNotes version of that is that you’ll be able to type and mouse freely while your wrists rest in comfort.

Speaking of wrists and their levels of comfort, the E3 Keyboard Tray also has the ability to tilt. You can go from a positive tilt of 5 degrees to a negative tilt of 15 degrees. While most people will probably never need or use the positive tilt, it’s there for the few who do. For everyone else, that negative tilt saves your wrists a lot of strain and pain and will help prevent nasty things like fatigue and carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you’ve gotten this far, your interest is probably piqued and you’re wondering how you can get this fantastic office gadget mounted to your desk asap. That part is actually really simple. The keyboard tray platform is attached to a mechanical arm that slides along the rails of a track that is attached to the underside of your desktop through the magic of wood screws. You have two choices of track, either the 11” or the 21”. Both come with the keyboard tray. If you’re looking to be able to stow your keyboard and tray away at the end of the day, you’ll probably want the 21” track, which will let you pretty much just push your keyboard underneath your desk. The 11” track is for desks with limited space under the desktop caused by either the desk's overall size, amount of things already mounted to the desk, and those pesky crossbar rails that seem to be on a lot of modern desk models. It mounts the same way but you won’t be able to push your keyboard tray all the way under the desk. Luckily, the E3 Keyboard tray is capable of rotating 360 degrees, so if you can’t push it under your desk, you should be able to “spin” it under. For those of you that have upgraded to an UPLIFT Height Adjustable Desk, the E3 Keyboard Tray comes with the option to add a track spacer that allows you to mount it over the crossbar rails, essentially letting you use the 21” track even if the rails are installed and allowing you to push your keyboard under the desk like normal. For those of you wondering about clearance, the keyboard tray platform can be adjusted to go as low as 4.33” below the desktop. This allows you to type in the ergonomically correct posture while seated! 

A few other things to note on the E3 Keyboard Tray are the updated aesthetic and, for the environmentally conscious, the fact that the keyboard tray platform is made of recycled MDF for sustainability. Not only will your keyboard love it, but so will you - from your shoulders to your fingertips. If you’re ready to finally get along with your keyboard again, give us a call at 800-531-3746 and we’ll be more than happy to assist!

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